Monday, 7 July 2014

WiP - all playing together nicely {updated}

Yay-y-y- I'm up-to-date with the program... the Gypsy Wife program that is!

lots of assorted filler blocks

revised star block!

This evening I finished sewing the blocks for July. In keeping with a scrappy approach, I've been mainly using lots of the lovely little bits of fabric I bought from Amitie. They are Japanese cottons, very sweet, and very different to what's available here in NZ. I'm having to make sure I don't end up using my same favorites over & over! In a moment of madness, I forged ahead & joined up a couple more sections! I wanted to get a better overall feel of how it was looking, check which colours I've used alot of, & which ones I could use more of. There is some planning involved at this stage to ensure that the vertical fabric strips run all the way thru' the quilt, even if they are sometimes interrupted by blocks.
I have really enjoyed piecing these little gems, but... and it's a big BUT... once I started grouping a few together, well to be honest, I didn't feel that this potpourri mix of fabrics were playing together nicely at all!  So, in the words of Kathy from Material Obession, I am going to grab a coffee and the camera, and have a bit of a think about this! Does anyone have any " life quilt saving" tips that might help here?

a bit more #14
Yep, I guess doubt is all just part of the process!
I did some unpicking
I made some fabric changes
I put some more pieces up on the design wall,
and voila...
there does seem to be some encouraging "flowy" things happening with this potpourri!
Those vertical strips do the trick nicely, I had so under-estimated their influence!


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  1. Hi Linda, I guess that is what you call work in PROGRESS. You've really given it some. I agree I love the scrappy approach it is looking great, can't wait to see further progress.

    1. Yes I love making scrappy quilt and usually it goes alot easier for me!
      I would now recommend anyone doing this has a theme or colour palette in mind so that it doesn't get out of control & lose it's charm! L

  2. Your Gypsy Wife quilt is oh! so beautiful...It is one of my all time favorite patterns, and it is sold out everywhere I've looked. I'm still trying to get my hands on one...cuz I really, really want to make this quilt! Your colour choices are incredible. Just love them.

    1. Stitch in Christchurch have some Jen Kingwell pattern books. Not sure if Gypsy Wife or Green Tea

    2. Hi, I let Andrea know where I bought my pattern from too! thanx for advising re another source, Linda

  3. I'm really liking this - yes the stripes do pull it together.


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