Friday, 4 July 2014

Gypsy Wife {fabric selections}

need to make 23 of these little darlings!

June blocks ... and more fabric choices to be made! As others have already commented, it's so true how the fabric selection can really be quite timeconsuming! When I started my Gypsy Wife quilt I figured I'd go for a real scrappy approach, and not get sidetracked overthinking any fabric decisions! In my mind I still see something like a vibrant, colourful gypsy shawl, and I trust that any contrast in colour or value will simply do it's magic!

Whether instinctive or random, the more I sew these little scrappy blocks, the more I've ended up with some little selfmade "rules" - just couldn't help it! While it is of course quite individual & no two quilts will look alike, I thought I'd share some of my findings.
For each month's set of blocks I found I was repeating a few of the same "matchy-uppy" fabrics or same colours, so am trying to go with the flow a bit more now!  I have started using a variety of grey fabrics, you know, just enough neutral here & there to let the others shine! And while not intentional, I haven't used any solid fabrics so far! Oh, and I've also started cutting my 1/1/2 " vertical strips ready for final construction, and these are looking more darker than lighter!
However am panicing ever -so -slightly at the moment! This scrappy approach is scattered all over my little design wall & is looking a tad out of control! Look ...

... But surely
you can't go too far wrong
when you just go with what you love!

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