Thursday, 28 August 2014

a change of direction

Using the stash has been my driving force this year, and now that I have organised it into colour groups it has certainly been easier to find things. And what I love about some quilts is that real sense of making do & apparent random use of fabric. Clare over here @  does this really well. But I don't always find it so easy! Take my current project, Diagonal Madness. I have to say it wasn't going so well working with the minty fabrics and so, after some considerable time starring at the design wall, I had a change of direction! This is my third attempt and it feels like things are finally geling a bit better now. Hope you have enjoyed reading about my indecisions & seeing just how I strayed away from my initial thinking on this! It's been fun!
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a bit more #19
And then little Olive & I got very busy this week with the "rejected" squares!
She was on layout this time & I was on sewing.
We made little quilts, one for Pooh Bear, one for Ruby-Red-Shoes
and one for Rainbow Bright Dolly too!


  1. It's lovely! I love it! I always liked this pattern, I always wanted to make it and then, there is so much I want to do...Nice fabric pull, it's going to look fabulous Linda!

  2. Sometimes things have to simmer a bit before they finally gel. This one is coming together nicely. Love the use of color.


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