Friday, 24 March 2017

my friday favourite #11

Happy Friday
It's been a bit colder these last few nights - time for another quilt on the bed

I pulled out this quilt today. Some of you will have seen it before
however, I thought I'd share with you just why it's a favourite of mine

It's one I bought as a quilt top at a show many years ago and was pieced by Juliet Taylor
It was a well constructed and colourful quilt top, a version of Kaffe's 'Fonthill Quilt'.
I had it quilted by Annette de Raat and then added the binding

Here's a few close-up pics, there's so much to look at.
Like that lovely 'cheddar' yellow for starters . . .

the different blue fabric combos . . .

and the little 'pops' of minty green . . .  

this unexpected softer pretty yellow print . . .

all those small 2" HST piecing in the centre panel . . .

and the assorted traditional pinks & purples . . .

Yep, it may be old fashioned but I do love it

hmm-m-m- it's quite a bright feature in the bedroom, hope mr D can cope :)

How about you,
do you have an old-ish quilt that you can't bear to part with too?


  1. I love all the colour in it! Just tell Mr D to close his eyes and go to sleep.

  2. It's definitely a beauty! Lovely colors.

  3. A fabulous quilt, looking lovely on your bed. The cheddar borders are perfect.


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