Saturday, 20 June 2015

the neverending scrap story

A scrappy quilt is without a doubt, my most favourite sort of quilt! And there are, of course, many ways to try & use up all those scraps, see here and here for heaps of ideas. It's funny though, how you always think that next scrappy project will make a real dent in the overflowing scrap basket! But here's the thing... sorry, it doesn't! If anything, those scraps seem to multiply, now how is that?

I'm a messy sewer! Years ago, when learning to sew at school, we all just dropped our off cuts & threads on the floor, someone was always on 'sweeping duty' at the end of the session! And so usually I can just sew & sew, happy in all this scrappy messiness. But today when I walked into the room, I felt a bit over whelmed by it all! After a bit of intensive sewing getting my last project all finished, my sewing room had ended up a disaster site! And when I began auditioning fabrics for my next project, I couldn't find that one particular fabric I really really needed - you all know how that feels, yes?

I had bits & pieces everywhere, pieces too small to be folded, too big to be thrown away, and the basket under my sewing table was overflowing, and there were bundles of 'special' fabrics cluttering up the shelf waiting for inspiration. You couldn't even see my little collection of teddy bears, they were hidden behind a mountain of oldish stash I'd sorted for backings!

Even my design wall was starting to looking chaotic! Sometimes all the quilty ideas race round & round in your head, either you have to write it all down or start playing! I find the best way for me to really decide what I want to make next, is to sew a few trial blocks. Consequently, sometimes there's a lot happening up on the wall, here's a wee peep...

... and back to my scrappy situation
Like others, I have found it gets easier to give fabric away as the years go by
but most of it was bought for a purpose, and using up my stash & scraps is a fun challenge!
Just wish there was a little fabric fairy here at my place to tidy & sort as I go!

So this weekend, before anything else 
it was time to try & get some organisation in here! 
I've spent a bit of a lot of time sorting & folding & putting fabric away (again!)
and it feels so much better!

but somehow, my AMH scraps keep multiplying, 
maybe they jump into the shopping basket while I'm not looking? 

And as for the design wall... 
well, first up now is finishing those scrappy pretty daisy blocks.
See that last pic of scraps-in-a-basket, it's all ready to go and 
I've only got a few more daisy blocks to make, so no problemo! 

And how about you? 
Do you find the neverending scraps a case for regret or rejoice?
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  1. I'm drooling over your AMH collection. I have found I aren't keeping as small a scrap as I used too, but the pile never diminishes.

    1. Ah yes, the AMH fabrics! Originally I started out using them together as an entire range, but I'm now finding them much more useful... I love that rather Bohemian style, the more mulit coloured fabrics are great as focus fabrics, and adding them to a scrappy quilt adds a real depth of colour. But most importantly, they activate my pre-modern stash with a bit of new life!

  2. I love your organised piles!! My scraps are getting out of control too, I have a plan to cut them into useable pieces, one of these days!!

    1. Hi Rachel, Thank you! I’ve found those plastic baskets very handy! I group most of my fabrics by colour, but tend to keep those ‘special’ designer fabrics all together. It’s a bit of work sorting them, but even more work keeping them all like that!
      Not too sure just what I’m going to do with the overflowing big basket though... like you, I probably need to cut up those scraps into usable pieces, maybe a scrap vortex?!?!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love your stars on the wall. Those are spectacular! Your neatened fabric looks great. I'm in the same situation. I have stacks of fabric that need pressed, folded, and put away. It's hard to start a project with a mess. Better for me to have a clean slate (so to speak) to begin a project.

  4. Yes - a scrap vortex Linda!! For me me scraps are both a regret - not having used them and not enough storage for them - but also rejoicing when I do look through and have a trip down memory lane spying a piece from a long time ago and remembering the quilt I made! I have been trying to sort my scraps into size and colour but go around in circles, maybe a couple of large bins by the sewing table with scraps tossed in and having a good rummage when needed would be easier.

    1. Haha... I am tempted to start those scrappy vortex blocks! The basket -under- the- table has been a good place to put my scraps, just didn’t think it would fill up so quickly!

  5. Oh yes, I have this dilemma too - I love using scraps and find now that I get bored when I try to limit the fabrics in a project! Good on you for having a Jolly Good Sort Out!

  6. Scrap quilts are the only kind I make - I think the more fabrics the better, and lots of colors make it all sing. I'm just looking for better ways to organize my fabrics. I've started cutting strips and squares in sizes I use a lot, and that keeps me from having to get out 42 fabrics when I want to start a project.
    Now I just have to remember to neaten up those strips now and then... 8)

  7. Snap! I'm working on sewing mine into 'blocks' which I can then join into a quilt, the latest batch are fairly dark coloured so am considering using a medium to separate them, with cornerstones........will let the fabric tell me. Great to find another NZ quilter.

  8. Your scraps look so pretty all organized. I always find I get inspired to start something new when I organize my scraps. Look forward to seeing more of those daisy blocks! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

    1. Hi Cynthia, Thanx, sorting & storage of my scraps seem to be the biggest headaches for me! Oh that, and putting fabric away after using it is also a bit of a stalling point too!
      And yes, it’s all looking very inspiring right now... it’s just a pity I can’t seem to keep it all nice & tidy for too long!

  9. Funny that how that fabric just jumps into your basket ! :)


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