Monday, 29 June 2015


Ah- a pile of finished quilts! And if you make quilts, you & I both know it's inevitable that you will end up with lots of scrappy bits, some favourite pieces, some pre-modern stash, some maybe not so pretty. But all of it can be used... yes?

Last week was spent sorting my messy scrap basket under my sewing table, one piece at a time - cutting 2 1/2," 3 1/2," & 5" squares & putting aside any longer strips. And the thing I noticed while I've been having a "Jolly Good Old Sort Out" is that I seem to have accumulated quite a few Kaffe fabrics. When I got back into sewing again after quite a long break, the fabric ranges were fairly limited.The Kaffe fabrics stood out, not everyone's cup-of-tea, but they were very colourful, and very different at the time. 

Fast forward to now, and what to do with those leftover scrappy bits & pieces? Well, after some thought, I decided on a couple of plans! First up, I wanted to sew an 'all-one-collection' scrappy quilt! I only needed a variety of long light & light/medium 3 1/2" strips to make a few blocks! I started out with a cool pastel-y palette and simple structure, lots of 16 patch blocks. Something like Liza Prior Lucy's quilt in an earlier Kaffe Fassett book, "Quilts en Provence" but of course, my leftover scraps, while similar, are really very different from Liza's fabrics!   

so some blocks worked -

- and some blocks didn't! 

- and, I had to substitute bits in some of them 
{all part of the fun!} 

-here's where I ended up today

lots of simple repetitive sewing
... and there's something really very satisfying about using up some of those scrappy bits! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It’s a bit of a challenge, trying not to add fabrics that are too bright & stand out! L

  2. Looks like a productive day. I am envious.

  3. Linda I love it. And what a satisfying feeling using all those bits.

  4. Beautiful Linda -love the way you have added a different Kaffe square into the 16 patch. You came up with a great idea with the all one collection - it would be a good way to reduce my scraps! Would be interesting if a few other quilters got on board and we could all have a "show and tell" at the end of the year.


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