Thursday, 18 June 2015

trippin' lightly round & round

It's all got a bit messy in the sewing room this week
I've sewed a little bits quickly & then left the chaos quickly   
- no chance of vacuuming in here!

I've been slowly piecing the last ten blocks for my version of 'Tripping Lightly' 
a lovely, low volume trip-around-the-world quilt I originally saw at a local quilt show. 
I decided to enlarge my quilt
so have been looking rummaging madly through my stash
for more low volume, blending bits & pieces....

... but believe it or not, I did have a little system happening...

... see!

b&w pic to check the values 

Goodness... I've just loved making this quilt! 
A traditional design and yet not totally - 
there are chains of planned colour yes, 
but I think the scrappy fabric assortment adds some interest to those radiating diamonds! 
It's all ready for quilting now!

Hope you had some time to sew too!
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  1. A lovely fresh looking quilt - are you quilting this yourself?

    1. Thank you Maureen. Well, this quilt has turned out unexpectedly quite big, approx. 70” / 175 cms square, a bit tricky on the old domestic machine! So I’m now thinking about getting it quilted by Annette @ Wild Cotton. Cheers, Linda

  2. It looks lovely on the bed Linda

  3. Oooo, I just love this quilt. It has all my favorite colors.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I like seeing your process photos.

  5. beautiful ! the stars on your design caught my eye too

    1. Thank you! Ah yes, those scrappy daisy blocks... next on my list this weekend!

  6. This is looking beautiful Linda - love the brighter pops of orange.

    1. Thank you Julie! Yes, I tossed up between using the orange or a darker blue with white flower as my accent... the orange won!


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