Sunday, 27 March 2016

in the hoop

Ever had a project that just needed that little push to get you that much closer to the finish line?

I guess I put off finishing this quilt top because I dreaded more paper piecing. Not the sewing part, my goodness that's the great part, lots of fun, very precise & easy really... it's just I find all the trimming a bit wasteful & all the ripping to get the papers out ... well, it's a messy business! I seem to end up with all those bits of paper & fabric all over the floor!

I found this tutorial AFTER I had finished, sounds like it could work. If you have tried it, I'd love to know how things went.

Anyway, after all the +ve encouragement from my last post {thanx!}
I suddenly got really motivated & finished piecing the borders all together...

... decided on the backing fabric, layered & pin basted it, and began quilting.
I did a bit of machine quilting to secure it all, and have now started on some hand quilting.

Those AMH fabrics have been perfect for this project
I've included a few up close pics so you can see some of the fabrics better...

- oh, and we just won't mention the paper war, ok J

Happy sewing!


  1. Gorgeous quilt! Wow! I’ve used the freezer paper technique to make the blocks for my Dear Jane quilt and I loved it! I sometimes use Carol Doak foundation piecing paper, but you still have the messy paper removing part!

  2. Looks lovely! have fun with hand stitching. I have never done any machine quilting first to secure anything before hand stitching - learned something new

  3. I love this quilt so much - it's just beautiful! I love your use of color and pattern in it.
    I've done a lot of reading on paper piecing, but haven't tried it yet. I've always been put off by the fabric waste...

  4. Great quilt - a feast for the eyes!

  5. Those borders are amazing! If only there were little pixies to clean up the mess as we make make it when sewing :-) Handquilting will be perfect on this quilt - love the pretty bowl you have your thread in.

  6. This piece grows in beauty each time I see it. Enjoy looking at it while you're hand quilting.

  7. This is beautiful, I am not normally a fan of really soft coloured quilts, but this is so restful and pleasing to look at. I think I might have to add this pattern to my one day list too.

    1. Thank you Julie. I do tend to go for a ‘pretty’ finish most times! (just ask Megan @ Jaffa quilts!)
      The pattern was so easy to follow, pp is so precise & I love the finished look. The only bit I found tedious was, as I said, the mess! But it goes with the territory, yes? Maybe next time I should aim directly for the scrap bin?!?!?
      I noticed Wendy (@ Wendy’s quilts and more) paper pieced her ‘it’s a small world’ to get that accuracy, and so it’s certainly a very versatile technique to know. I’ll try some more pp soon I’m sure! L

  8. Paper piecing is so annoying, but wowsers! Look at your beautiful border now! This quilt is fabulous!

  9. Love this quilt!! Have fun with the quilting.

  10. Gorgeous, so worth all the work.


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