Tuesday, 29 March 2016

in the hoop #2

- got the essentials, tick!

Making the most of these last few sunny evenings before daylight saving happens. After some initial straight line machine stitching all over to secure my 'Emperor's Wheel' quilt, I'm now doing some 'Big Stitch' quilting, a method of hand quilting that uses pearl cotton #8 and longer stitches. I am still using the rocker method of traditional quilting, with the occasional stab stitch when the going gets tough!

I'm using a Chenille needle, {well actually, three needles where I can!}
with large eyes & sharp points, which are working a treat!
Assorted colours in Perle no.8 cottons, tick!
Using a cotton wadding with no scrim, tick!

Like others, I've been doing some research lately about big stitch hand quilting, and Sarah Fielke's video on hand quilting here has lots of tips & techniques if you are interested {check it out down the R) hand side bar}. Fabric backing choice does seem to be a consideration - like having a voile, making it fine & easy to stitch through. Certainly a neat idea, but too late for me on this quilt :(

- I do find it easier to work with a hoop
but I know others don't, so it really comes down to personal preference

- hm-m-m- a bit of a tricky spot here,
too many seams overlapping, I'd sack the person who does the pressing

- for most of it I'm just stitching as I go,
eyeballing along the 1/4" seam lines, going for that 'handmade' look
but  I am using good old masking tape for the larger areas

- progress will be syrupy slow
but it sure makes for some nice relaxing 'last-of those-summer' evenings just now.


  1. I haven't tried chenille needles. This quilt looks lovely.

  2. That three needle trick looks like a good one! (And possibly a good reason to stick to one glass of wine!)
    This summer has been so lovely weather-wise, I'll be sad when the long balmy evenings are over for another year.

  3. I have only done big stitch a couple times and didn't think of chenille needles I will need to get some to keep on hand.

  4. I love this quilt so much! Everything about it makes me smile. 8)
    I usually have a couple of needles going along when I'm quilting in a hoop, too. It's easier than all that starting and stopping.

  5. That three needle strategy looks like a clever idea. Just love this quilt each time I see it.

  6. The long needles are a bit awkward at first, but do the job nicely with Perle Cotton. Haven't tried using more than one at a time though!

  7. Yes, not long before we lose the extra hour of daylight! Love the comment about sacking the person who does the pressing - that could be me!! Excellent idea to have the three needles on the go at once and I just love seeing this quilt with your pops of rich colour.

  8. Gorgeous photos.
    I use chenille needles too - so much easier with that large eye. Haven't seen quilting done with three needles before - do you do the same stitch on each needle at the same time? I think that made sense.

  9. How lovely! Looks like you're having way too much fun.


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