Sunday, 20 March 2016

borders, backings & bindings

Every now & then I like to backtrack a bit and revisit a few earlier WiP's. Projects that, for one reason or another, I came to a halt with, like my 'Emperor's Wheel' quilt - remember that one?

The final border called for foundation paper pieced units alternating with various strips of 4 1/2" wide border fabric. It's taken a while, but I finally decided on the additional fabric for those borders!

So this weekend, I've been busy with making up the paper pieced segments, using my lights & darks to create good contrast...

Another little task I'd put off for a while was piecing together a scrappy backing for the Kaleidoscope quilt, the vintage version.

I chose some fabrics from my stash, a selection of blending bluish, largish, leftover-ish Denyse Schmidt fabrics, and pieced them together in a very simple layout...

And in addition to getting two quilts almost to the quilting stage, I finally finished the binding on my 'Gypsy Squares' quilt, one I made sometime ago but didn't finish completely. I know, I know, why did I put it off for so long? {sigh}
It's a simple quilt, made up of 8"squares, in a scrappy selection of purple-y colours that I don't often work with, but it has that real 'patchworky' look to me! I hand stitched the last of the binding down one evening while catching up with a couple of episodes of "Blindspot"...

I must confess, we have had this quilt on the bed in it's unfinished state
- and I spent ages looking at all the different fabrics, a real mix-match of fabrics,
from all over the place, I love it!

machine quilted in a very wide all-over meandering pattern by Annette
- keeps it quite snuggly &cuddly!

I'm happy, some good progress made this weekend
and, a few more things crossed off the 'to do' list!

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  1. I love all the patterns in the kaleidoscope quilt. It all flows so nicely.

  2. I am jealous you moved so many of your stalled projects closer to a finish. Love the border fabric you chose for your wheel quilt.Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  3. I'm so happy to see Emperor's Wheel again! I love that quilt!
    And your kaleidoscope with the plaid corners always makes me smile.
    The stripey binding on the Gypsy Squares is perfect - love it, too.
    In other words, you've got a whole lot of happy, here!

  4. Oh, yum. I love all the fabrics in Emperor's Wheel. So much that I can't tell which I like best. I'm so glad we'll see more of it in future. And I'm delighted to see your charming kaleidoscope moving ahead. Congratulations on moving so many along.

  5. I've loved the Emperor's Wheel ever since you began posting on it, your border fabric I think is just glorious, never seen fabric like this one before. Gypsy Squares is exactly in the tradition of scrappy quilting where we can see could size pieces of fabrics and I spot a few KF Collectives in there!

  6. Funny how piecing together the backings of quilts, is often where we all come to a grinding halt. I was hand quilting, and then unpicking, while watching Blindspot too last night.

    1. Yes, backings & bindings are both my stumbling points :) And I’m trying to use up old-ish stash for my backings now, so it does take a while to get a nicely blending cohesive flow happening!

  7. I would love to see your Emporer's Wheel quilt up close and in person! The fabrics and blocks look so amazing. Glad to see you've gotten it back out again!

  8. So glad to find your blog through Quilty Folk. Your quilts are so full of pattern and color - just great! Will look forward to following your blog!

  9. So glad to find your blog through Quilty Folk. Your quilts are so full of pattern and color - just great! Will look forward to following your blog!

  10. Hi Linda! I love your quilts! Oh the first one is special! Gorgeus fabrics and the pattern is fantastic! x Teje

  11. Your Emperors Wheel quilt is beautiful, such lovely fabrics, your additional border fabric works very well too.
    Linking up via My Quilt Infatuation
    Smiles from

  12. How fun to see your version of the Emperor's Wheel quilt!! I made one with all Tula Pink fabrics, it's such a fun pattern to make. I love the colours/fabrics in your kalidescope, they work really well to get all the secondary patterns and movement. Beautiful squares too.

  13. I love all your scrappy goodness! Your Emperor's Wheel is going to be a stunning quilt! :)


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