Saturday, 5 March 2016

it is slowly growing on me

If you follow my blog at all, then you will know that I have a real love affair with scrappy quilts and, I never actually want some WiP's to end! And this is one of them... Gypsy Wife #2!
Once I made the decision to make another GW, I was determined early on to use the most of my time, make the most of my restrictive colour palette, and, to keep it interesting, I really wanted to try and make this version a bit different. So I'm experimenting a bit here, trying to get the most variations I can with my selected fabrics, to make this just a bit more modern well, at least different from my original version  J

I've been working on section 3 this weekend.
Still a long way to go, but it's slowly growing....

- I just love the versatility of those itty bitty Denyse Schmidt fabrics
used here in the border

sections 1, 2 & 3
hm-m- m- I'm really not too sure if it is actually growing on me after all - we shall see!

Still, on the +side, it all seems to kinda fit up there on the design wall
 fingers crossed it stitches up together nicely...

... but it'll all just have to wait now until mr D & I get back from a little trip over to Melbourne.
Happy sewing!

Others are busy gypsy-ing along too, check out more pics on instagram - gypsywifequiltalong2016
Linking up with Julie over here for #BraveQuilter


  1. This is such a different look to the GW than what I've seen before. It's romantic and scrappy yet still vibrant, and I wouldn't want to rush it either. Sometimes we win with patience. I hope you find your vision in the fabric, and am so glad you've linked up with #BraveQuilter this month.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

    1. Hi Julie, Yes, I’m using a ‘focus’ fabric this time, and it’s a big help to guide my colour scheme here. Am happy to slowly play with this for now, the real ‘fun’ starts when I try getting it all together!

  2. a very interesting looking quilt - I love scrappy

  3. Love your fabric combinations! This looks very fun.:)

  4. What fun to do! I love all those fabrics and vibrant colors. It sure looks a different GW. Love to come back to see it finshed.

  5. Well you're racing along! Love your fabrics Linda.

  6. Love the colours in the first block in this post. Have a fabulous time in Melbourne, are you going to visit Amitie and Luccello?

  7. Did you say this is your second Gypsy Wife???? Crazy woman!! Looking good, though.

  8. What a challenge you have set yourself - wow look at those fabrics! - take it slow and enjoy the journey! And hope you have a great trip to Melbourne, too.


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