Saturday, 8 October 2016

al fresco

couldn't resist an outdoor photo shoot this morning...

my wisteria has suddenly gone crazy...

it just keeps getting better n' better...

... and just one more!

What are you loving this weekend?
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  1. Your wisteria is beautiful Linda. I have a big one outside my studio that I love to see every spring. They smell amazing!

  2. Wonderful Linda - we have two around the posts under the deck but I really wanted beams above the deck so I could do just what you have done, then I would sit and relax under those beautiful blossoms with a cuppa and a good book, smelling the delicious scent from the flowers!!

  3. Gorgeous wisteria. I am loving the sun, after so many days of rain. I have sheets flapping on the clothes line, I've been pottering in the garden, time for a cuppa now.

  4. Lovely! I could see reading in that refuge.

    1. I love opening the curtains & seeing all that purple colour cascading down:) Sadly the deck is pretty worn now - it’s over 43yrs old- we need to sort that this summer. Hope the wisteria survives the repairs!

  5. We're looking at changes in leaf colors here in Ohio and there you are with beautiful wisteria in bloom. Gorgeous photos, Linda. Autumn is my favorite season but then comes the winter freeze. I don't want to give up autumn but anticipating winter makes me look longingly at your spring.

    I think blogging has done more for my awareness of the differences in seasons between hemispheres than anything else. It's just surprising to think one could get in an airplane, travel 24 or 30 hours, and be in a different season.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  6. How pretty! Hope you got outside to enjoy your gorgeous blooms for a bit.

  7. Wow! What beautiful photos, the wisteria is stunning.

  8. Well, what I'm now loving this weekend is your wisteria! What a glorious froth of purple!

  9. I'm lovin your wisteria! I have one in the back yard. The entire yard smells wonderful and the bees come out in full force. It always means spring!

  10. Your wisteria is fantastic! We have one up the side of the house, but my husband upset it somehow and now it won't flower.

  11. Stunning wisteria! We had to chop ours down when the new verandah went up so it's lovely to see someone else's in bloom.

  12. Beautiful wisteria!!! What a glorious welcome to spring!

  13. Beautiful!! I am so glad you took a few photos to share with us.

    Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera!

  14. Gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing them :)

  15. Linda, what color, what mood. It must be lovely to sit at the table and be.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  16. I love your Wisteria pictures! Their color is so beautiful against the greens .


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