Monday, 10 October 2016

making madness {a WiP}

What's up on my design wall this week?
scrappy strips + delightful combinations + wild colour = madness!

I'm having a go at making "Madness" a quilt from Kathy's book Adding Layers.
Kathy from materialobsession has such a unique eye for color and for putting prints together, doesn't she?
The 'recipe' for this quilt isn't hard,
you make up sections and if it's too big, trim it, if it's too small, add to it
... what could go wrong?

... well quite a bit for me, as it turned out!
I found myself re-reading Kathy's instructions several times searching for clues
on how I could achieve some sort of balance

It's certainly been a bit of an experiment for me
{and to think, I only started going down this road rabbit hole to use up those old Japanese fabrics!}
And, after a little email chat with Kathy (thank you so much) I had lots more to think about!

All still very much a work in progress, but here's three sections so far...

... lots of strip piecing
... lots of time & thought
... AND lots of fun trying to make mine work too!

Linking up with Cynthia for 'oh scrap' here


  1. Lots of fun colors and movement. Very joyful.

  2. Using the black dotted fabric really helps to add cohesion to the quilt. It is a good challenge and well worth your time.

  3. Very fun! I think this is something that will percolate in your brain for awhile. Bet we see more of this from you!:)

  4. Very fun! I think this is something that will percolate in your brain for awhile. Bet we see more of this from you!:)

  5. I really like it! It has great movement and interest.

    It's hard to look at our own scrap improv and see it clearly, I think. I worked on some string blocks this week that looked awful to my eye until I squared them up and started putting them next to each other. I think I needed that structure to get past the randomness. When you present the piece to us, we only see this more finished stage, and not all the uncertainty that came before.

  6. I don't think I could ever complete a quilt like that. My sampler quilt was hard enough, and that was pretty much just getting the blocks to an equal size. Look forward to seeing what you end up with.

  7. This is looking so good!!! I'm waiting for your next posting of progress.

  8. I love all the dots dancing around the quilt!

  9. I love what you are doing. So I ordered Kathy's book from my library to see what it's all about. Can't wait to get it. Thanks for inspiring me.


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