Sunday, 16 October 2016

it's all trial & error

Improv =  tricky {for me!}
But even though I do struggle, I find I keep drifting back time & time again to give it another go.

I've been working playing a bit more on my 'madness' quilt... I needed to feel happy with things, and as Audrey from quiltyfolk.blogspot points out, I needed to "put the details together in a way that is genuinely YOU."

I decided to simplify things ... more horizontal rows of strings of different widths. Still scrappy. With a little nod to the original inspiration! {see here  and here for earlier details}

and here's what I learnt:
  • There's a serious shortage of dark fabrics in my stash... perfect excuse now to go shopping!
  • I found that repetition helped - whether it's a colour, a particular fabric, or a shape... if I used it once I used it again (thanx Kaja
  • Making up sections was definitely the way to go here, a little organisation amongst the chaos!
  • And taking a b&w photo along the way also helpful - in my case, it quickly showed up an interesting lack of those dark fabrics in my initial attempts and was a great way to check my distribution of values overall. 

An exercise in trial & error for sure, but the end result was pleasing and very liberating!
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  1. Damn shame you have to do more fabric shopping. Looks good and definitely more you with the colours you have sued.

  2. What fun!! Isn't it great to work this way?

  3. There ya go! Now it really does look like you!
    Improv is really hard for me, too, so I'm really admiring your quilt in all its gorgeousness!

  4. Very fun with lots of pretty scraps! I've tried improvisation and it just doesn't work for me, I'm too ordered. But you made it work really well for you.

  5. I think I would find this styl of picing tricky too but you must be so pleased you continued playing... the result is great! Love that last photo. Your list of lessons could apply to all quiltmaking. Shame about the shopping that needs doing :-)

  6. I like the strategic use of the black and white dot fabric. And the diagonal motion.

  7. Glad you persevered with your Improv Quilt. I can understand it is hard for you - I like regular blocks but love scraps too. However, I think you have a natural "Feel" for colour and design so your quilt worked out just fine.

  8. I like that! I like the organization that the black and white polka dots give to the quilt. Great job persevering!

  9. I agree that adding elements more than once is key. I used to buy medium shades almost exclusively. It has taken years for me to build up a light and dark stash. Great that you are playing with improv and making it your own. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  10. I like your bright improve quilt. I don't think I could ever make an improve quilt so I will enjoy yours.

  11. Wonderful! Love it. You have definitely made it your own!

  12. So many things to say about this quilt. I like your diagonals and triangles. I'm intrigued how well your black-and-white fabrics work with your others. (I recently took a class with Freddy Moran; her black-and-whites require much brighter/clearer colors. And most of my fabrics are your shades.)

  13. What a pity you need to shop for more fabric! I think your quilt is a great success and checking with a black and white photo is such a good idea. You may have a shortage of darks in your stash, I am probably the opposite, I need to shop for lights.

  14. Seems like a great success - a lovely scrappy top and you learnt loads along the way. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  15. What a success this is - you've worked out just enough structure to make it coherent, but it's still very playful and unpredictable. I like it a lot.


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