Friday, 24 February 2017

a no sew day

My Friday plans involved this lovely little stack of outback wife vintage florals
'cos, you know,
being retired,
one has to have a few plans . . .

and then a little twinkle turned up unexpectedly . . .
and she had other plans with my fabric . . .
and was so much more fun . . .

so it was a no sew day for me today . . . and I think you can see why J


  1. No sewing is no surprise! Have a happy day!

  2. I remember playing with all my Nan's fabrics when I was little. She is definitely worth having a no sew day.

  3. Lucky you, having a wee one around to 'upset' your sew day - what a sweetie!

  4. How gorgeous! And what a little cutie and so talented!!

  5. Looks like she had a great time and sounds like you did too. A perfect no sew day.


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