Friday, 3 February 2017

hexis everywhere {update}

I'm getting a nice collection of little hexi blocks up on the design wall
here's an update for January ...

Curious about what I'm making? you can see early details here

So head count for tonight, turns out I've now got 22 pieced hexis made,
yayee - a productive week

sifting through my little collection of doilies for block #13...

... oops, see the mistake? a spot of reverse sewing was called for here
- too much chatter and not enough concentrating

... ah, now that's much better

oh my goodness, I just did a little adding up
I think there's close on to 100 pieced hexis needed all together ...

... still, just keeping it real here
going at my own pace and I'll be back in a month's time with a few more

Linking up with Myra for 'finished or not Friday' here @ busyhandsquilts 

a bit more #56
more happy mail today ... a little vintage fabric treat for me
"This is a collection with beautiful stories woven into the fabrics, a piece of the past that is so now"

It was difficult to decide on what to order as I had no plans for these beautiful florals
 I ended up getting 2 x 1/2 metre pieces and 4 x 25cm strips
- am so enjoying looking at them

I wonder, what would you do with a little selection like this?


  1. I have been admiring the outback wife collection. I just got Sleeping Porch in the mail this week though!

  2. I know I've said this before but I just love your fabric selections!

  3. Love the colours and flowers in the Outback Wife collection - no idea what I would use them in though.

  4. Such a lovely fabric combination. This will be a beautiful and meaningful quilt.

  5. Love this Hexi quilt! It has such a vintage vibe to it that I love! Keep going and sharing with us!

  6. You have the best floral fabrics! Have fun making more :)

  7. I love those Outback Wife fabrics but sadly they don't seem to be available over here. Your hexie quilt may take a while, but it's already looking good. I like the balance between the pieced hexies and the ones cut from just one piece of something.

  8. Busy,busy with those glorious hexagons and thanks for showing us your new fabrics, love this range.

  9. What a pretty project - make me want to start one :)

  10. Your hexies are gorgeous! Love all the soft colors. Your new fabrics are so pretty. Looking forward to seeing this in a few projects in the future.

  11. Gorgeous hexies! You are having fun with them!! I have a new template in development for use with "Outback Wife"........

  12. Loving all your hexies!! I can't wait to get my hands on some Out back wife. Hopefully it doesn't it sell before I get to MO next week. I know you'll think of something amazing to make with it.

  13. So pretty! Love your work and fabric choices!

  14. ooh! Adore these outback wife fabrics... I would like some myself... what have you decided???


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