Saturday, 25 February 2017

my 'everything but the kitchen sink' quilt

A long long time ago I made this quilt. 

It was quite a challenge for me. As I pulled these rejected blocks all out of the box I had stored them in, I remember trying to work out what, if anything, was the link between them all. And, an unusual choice for me, I decided that 'green' could work well.

Why the name? Well, this quilt includes blocks and fabric from over 15 years of quilting, everything from orphan blocks, blocks from a New York Beauty workshop, leftover strips, trial blocks of machine applique, and lots of scrappy fabric bits, everything really, but the kitchen sink. So many great blocks and so many great memories tied up in one quilt.

The black & white stripe seemed to also tie things up together nicely and I used a large Kaffe floral for the outer border. And then I did straight line machine quilting all over the quilt, nothing fancy just enough to secure the layers without distracting from the scrappy feel of the quilt. I used a Kaffe soft green with pink spots for the binding.

Olive now has this quilt on her bed,
it's well loved and is standing up to the test of time and lots of use

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  1. The black and white stripe was really the perfect choice! And I think this quilt looks like one of those snazzy block-of-the-months. 8)
    I always love your color choices!

  2. Oh my gosh, that's just so cool. I'm amazed at what can look great together when none of it was planned!!

  3. Very nice! That soft green was a great choice to tie everything together. I love it!

  4. I love your quilt, Linda. Yes, the green colour as a connector was exactly right. This quilt has to be a winner for me: using up orphan blocks, scrappy, Kaffe fabrics and so much to look at. Your granddaughter must love snuggling under this one.

  5. You have some real "trip down memory lane" fabrics in here, I can spot some that I have in my stash from a number of years ago. You've created a beautiful quilt with your orphans!

    1. Thanks Maureen!
      Yes, there are some pre -modern fabrics in that one for sure!
      It’s one of my all-time favourite quilts. And so nice to see it regularly over at Olive’s house.
      Have a good weekend, Linda

  6. Secondary colors are good choices to combine random blocks but your black and white inner border really sets them off. I need the reminder to use simpler quilting. My fabrics (like yours) are busy enough. It finishes the quilt securely and doesn't detract from your glorious fabrics and setting. Congratulations on a fabulous finish.

  7. You combined them all so well, initially one wouldn't realise they are 'kitchen sink' blocks made over such a long period. And nice to hear how well loved it is!

  8. Wonderful! I can see why it is so loved and used.

  9. I think putting orphan blocks and left-overs together like this is one of the hardest things to do well but you managed to make them look like it was meant to be.

  10. great use of all those scrap blocks and love the stripe sashing

  11. It looks awesome and everything blends together seamlessly! :)

  12. It looks awesome and everything blends together seamlessly! :)

  13. Very fun quilt. You hit the right combination of elements to tie all the blocks together.


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