Wednesday, 1 February 2017

a parcel in the post

Some happy mail in the post today...

  ...  it's a new collection of quirky low volumes Blueberry Park  by Karen Lewis

They are hand screen printed fabrics, great stash basics, and I think they could prove useful
Perhaps in my hexagon quilt
I rather like the idea of my vintage doilies mixed up with these prints
... the simple and geometric designs add fresh contrast

Have a happy week too


  1. Pretty! I love my cool and warm colored Blueberry Park fabric. I might have to add these low volumes to my stash too!

  2. Yummy fabrics - not often I see low volume fabrics which I fall for, but these really are lovely.

  3. Look forward to seeing what these get used in!

  4. Mmm - these are rather nice - I am sure they will be a very useful addition to lots of projects.

  5. I love Blueberry Park, this low volume is now my favorite

  6. Very pretty new additions. The fabric and your idea of using the vintage dollies.


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