Monday, 20 November 2017

a little bit of lovely

 Lovely fabrics from #apieceofcloth arrived this week.

Every 3 months, approx. 1metre bundle of vintage fabrics arrives,
the idea being that over the year
there should be enough to make a lovely vintage style quilt.
Still undecided just what I will do with these fabrics, but they are certainly lovely to look at.
And very different from anything that is available here in NZ.
What's inspiring you today?⠀

a bit more #68
'sew stitch snap SHARE' is happening this week
see you back here on Wednesday


  1. Exciting mail for you. I think today I would say the sunshine was inspiring after a chilly wet weekend.

  2. I received mine too. Cute little pattern with it. Thanks for the SSSS reminder. x

  3. It's always a delight to have a package of fabric arrive and these are, as you say, so very different from the choices we have here.

  4. Ohhh pretty! I like those florals with the white backgrounds the best, but all of them are lovely.

  5. I love it when you get new fabric! (I know it's going to end up as something gorgeous!)

  6. Lovely bundle - I would have signed up if I were closer. They look like they'll fit well with your style.


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