Wednesday, 8 November 2017

sew stitch snap SHARE #16

Happy Wednesday everyone!

My not so pastel #vintagecomfort quilt has come back home from the quilters.
This colour combo with the playful stripe
was inspired by Sheena Chapman's work and what was here in my stash
- see here for my earlier pics & progress.

Finishing touches were beautifully done by Leeanne from quiltmekiwi
It's lightly quilted all over, as I love my quilts all soft & cuddly- perfect for snuggling under.

and, I asked Leeanne to leave the crazy patch section untouched
as I wanted to add some big stitch hand quilting

When life is busy,
I find a little hand quilting in the evening is a great way to unwind.

Time now for another fortnightly 'Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE' linkup
 Let's take a look at my favorite pick from last week.
Gayle from mangofeet has been busy making pickle dishes

It's a fun scrappy block, but I know from experience, they do take a bit of time.
If you are keen to give the pickle dish blocks a go too, see here for lots more inspiration.
Gayle's posts are very lively. . . with pickles, and monkeys, and sheep everywhere
- pop over here to see what I mean
(all pics reposted each time with quilter's permission)

Do you have a project to share this week too?
Whatever you're sewing or stitching, you can link it up here. Just follow these simple guidelines:

1. Link up any post from the past week that features something you have been sewing or stitching, whether they are WiPs or finishes. You can write as much or as little about your project as you like, or simply let your photos do the talking.
2. Somewhere in your post, please link back to this post.
3. Please comment on a couple of the other Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE links.

Thanks for joining us
Julie & Linda


  1. I love the quilting not too dense and you can add in your big stitches. I will link up as soon as the time say's I can - have a great day

  2. You won't have time now with a new grand baby. This is going to look beautiful, I love the different textures of machine and hand quilting together.

  3. Beautiful colors and that's a great idea to add hand quilting to the crazy patches.
    Pickle dish blocks are amazing.

  4. Your quilt is looking great. Good to be on the home stretch.
    Cheers, Karen

  5. Looking good. I also like the look of the pickle dish/fish, but need to quilt the three or four I have had finished for at least a year.

  6. I like your idea of hand quilting, I look forward to seeing this when completed.

  7. Gorgeous work! It will look so good with a little bit of hand quilting too. As always, I adore your fabric choices and color. So cheerful.:)

  8. It's lovely, Linda. I just returned from a small show where the quilter mixed machine and hand stitching on almost all her quilts. Such a good idea. Enjoy your quilting time.

  9. I adore your quilt . . . it is WONDERFUL!! And I like your idea of adding some hand quilting to the mix.

  10. Vintage Comfort is just that!! Nice quilting by Leeanne and I'm pleased you're going to have some hand quilting in here.

  11. Love your Vintage Comfort quilt, the stripe is just so fun. Enjoy your slow stitching time.

  12. Another gorgeous (nearly) finish - and the addition of the hand quilting is a great idea; I do look forward to seeing the finished section and a good look at the finished quilt!


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