Thursday, 2 November 2017

fabric magic

While scrolling through IG today I learnt a lovely new word from amitietextiles feed  
"Fabracadabra ( Fab-ruh-kuh-dab-ruh) Noun  A mystical word or expression used when a fabric magically appears in your stash and you have no idea how it got there . . . or so he thinks!"

My first little surprise were these two geometric prints
my son & daughterinlaw bought for me while holidaying in Veitnam
- and they will be very useful

Then later this week there was a pretty parcel in the post
A small bundle from Amitietextiles
First up, from the Tilda quilt collection 'botanical red'  and 'sigrid dove white' . . . 

And yes, I admit I'm on a mission to collect a few more plaids
like these Gertrude Made Essentials - large & small Checks in Black & White . . .

This spindriftquilt pattern turned up too, lots of colour, fussy cutting & scrappy dresdens

And then . . . a few new fabrics from fatquartershop turned up as well (???)
Le Vintage Chic from Art Gallery Fabrics, a soft mix of pink, taupe and mint
- a very pretty low volume selection, the perfect alternative to use instead of plain white . . .

along with a small selection of Tokyomilk 'neptune & the mermaid' fabrics,
which will be great for fussy cutting I'm sure?  . . .

- playing with fabric combinations
is a great substitute for when there's no actual sewing time


  1. Pretty Linda.......I wonder if your new word has a spin on a Halloween theme....? New Fabric need lots of patting doesn't it? happy creating and finding time to do so!

  2. Lovely collection of gorgeous bundles of new fabrics.

  3. I look forward to seeing what you do with all of these.

  4. Lovely fabrics. Certainly helps keep a smile on the face!

  5. I agree, Linda, you do have beautiful fabric there.
    I love the low volume selection, wow.

  6. Many luscious new choices. I like the Vietnamese cyclists in your first photo, too.

  7. Oh, Spindrift just has your name all over it! Can't wait to see your 'spin'! 8)

  8. Have to admit, I see you needing a fabric storage room and a sewing room in the new house. Loving the Tokyo Milk fabrics.

  9. You got some really fun and pretty fabrics there. Looking forward to seeing them staring in your latest sewing project.

  10. Yummy fabrics Linda. What brand is the Tokyomilk fabric? I'll check my plaid fabric's ( I have a lot of them) and see if I have any black & white. I am happy to send them to you. I'll get back to you via email.


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