Monday, 23 July 2018

it's slowly growing on me

Here's a few progress pics of my values quilt . . .

hm-m-m- I need a bit more pink I think

Loving this mix of peach & pink with the mint. Three of my blocks are not actually joined together yet, they are just in place up on the design wall. I'll leave them like that until I've made all the other blocks, and they can be altered if the colours look a little unbalanced, or the light:dark ratio gets too lost.

Yes, it is slowly growing on me, and only a few more blocks to go.
I don't know about you though, but I do get a little bored making all the HST's . . .

. . . So-o-o- I've been plotting & planning my next quilty detour
Have you seen these wonderful EPP blocks, 'brimfieldawakening'
It ticks all the my boxes just now - slow stitching, live to be creative, modern quilting, handmade
and so, I've ordered my brimfieldawakening pattern from here

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  1. I found these so intriguing I had to try some of my own. It does take a bit to get all the pieces done so you can play. I hope to share mine soon. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  2. great use of scraps!! I started a Brimfield Awakening quilt but taking a break from it while I finish up somethings - I just started too many things at once again and taking a step back from some to finish others

    1. Thanks Karen. I'm loving playing with these subtle colours with the HST’s and exploring scrappy values from my stash! And I’m looking forward to getting my Brimfield ‘squishy parcel in the post’ soon! Hehe, my blog Kokaquilts is all about lots of starts... and even a few finishes :) 

  3. I piece the HSTs as a leader ender effort and once they're made and pressed, I layout each block and assemble one by one.

  4. Great HSTs, and yes, good way to use scraps.
    Your next project looks labor intensive but the blocks will
    look beautiful.

  5. I hate making HSTs, your quilt is looking lovely though. Exciting - I love the Brimfield blocks, I toyed with the idea of starting it, I have been very boring this year trying to finish wips instead of starting them.

  6. This is so pleasing to my eyes, it's pretty but calming as well. Brimfield is a lovely quilt, nice to have some hand work. happy sunny week to you.

  7. So soft and summery. Checking the values in black and white works for this gentle design. Good job.

  8. Great to see what you have been doing. Lovely progress. I am gradually catching up on posts I have missed.
    Cheers, Karen

  9. Your blocks are coming along beautifully. Good idea to keep checking the distribution of colours, lights and darks as you go along.

  10. Looking good Linda! Love the rich, dark centre fabrics standing out from the softer colours.

  11. It’s looking good, Linda! The black and white pic is a great way to check the values. Enjoy Brimfield!

  12. I have had the most delightful time scrolling through your most recent archived posts. You do scrappy very well!

  13. Love your scrappy triangles! (I'm deep in Triangle Valley myself these days)
    Can't wait to see what you do with Brimfield! It looks like such a fun block to play with!

  14. What a pretty quilt beginning! I love scrappy quilts. THis is perfect


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