Friday, 6 July 2018

throwback Thursday

It's fun now & then to look back and see quilts I made earlier, in my pre-blogging days, to reflect back and see how my quilting 'style' has changed over time.
In 2007 I attended my first Kaffe class here in NZ. It was an eye opener for me, a new way of working. We threw all our squares up on the design wall, working fast and thinking later.

There was alot to take in at the workshop, lots to learn, and everyone's quilts all looking the same yet different was interesting. As is his way, towards the end of the workshop, Kaffe went around the class discussing everyone's efforts. I seem to recall him talking about 'pops of spring colour' when he came to my one.

Once we had a good amount of squares up on the wall, I must have missed the part where we then needed to carefully consider where each piece went and how to make the most of the pattern. I can see now that I didn't have anywhere near enough variation in the depth and saturation of colour, just not enough contrast happening to keep my quilt interesting.
And, I guess I didn't have the confidence or knowledge of what I was doing 'wrong' back then to keep going, to keep experimenting.

While blue has always been my 'go to' colour, the mockup I made in class that day never, ever really gelled with me. All I remember was feeling frustrated that things weren't working well and thinking it wasn't all as easy as it looked.

And so I started over again completely. I went back to Kaffe's book and made a similar version from there, thinking "I want to make one just like that". So much safer to let the professionals do the work, yes? (they are so good at it too). And, I'm more of a pattern follower than a pattern maker!

Fast forward to now, (and if you follow my blog) you will see that I'm a bit more adventurous with mixing fabrics and colours these days, striking out with my own colour combos a bit more, and after lots of trial & error, I'm a bit more relaxed about everything going according to NO plan.

So while this quilt didn't end up at all how I first imagined,
it will always symbolise a special learning time for me.

It's been all quilted for a long time now and I really must get it finished soon.
I am going to make one small change though . . .
 I plan to cut off all that wide brown floral border and simply bind with some hot pink!

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  1. Beautiful! You know....when I first started quilting I did not like Kaffe's style? Thought the fabrics were too bright and a mish-mosh of random color. NOW, however...I love looking at the colorful fabrics and am thinking about making a Kaffe quilt this year. Thanks for the inspiration!
    I was admiring your cathedral window pinkeep. I looked for a search area of your blog and don't see one. Did you offer up a tutorial on making one of those pinkeeps?

  2. I think it's pretty cool that your class with Kaffe began the process of you learning to be more adventurous with your color play. It's fun to look back and see that, right? I love the idea of the hot pink binding, it will really make the quilt pop!

  3. Nice quilts Linda, and I don't see any wrong about either.
    But I do like the idea of a pink binding.
    Kaffe and his books certainly blast out any notion of
    timidity and instead shout out 'have fun'!

    1. Thanks Janie. Using Kaffe’s large scale prints & vibrant colours certainly is fun but I’ve found it takes a bit of practise!
      I now see why his quilts work so well - he puts a lot of thought into the placement of every single piece of fabric.
      And yes, I’m much happier with this quilt now that I’ve got the pink binding on, all that ‘brown’ was a tad overpowering.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Kaffe fabrics can be a little intimidating. I really like the pink binding idea. My experience with the bright fabrics has been mostly with applique. Fussy cutting has taken on a life of it's own.

  5. Obviously you have always had a love of colour. I actually liked the brown border, and think it would have worked with the pink binding, however I can see why you removed it. Happy weekending to you.

  6. You always have such vibrancy in your quilt, even that first one. Happy stitching this weekend.

  7. LOVE that hot pink binding (and the absence of the dark brown border).

  8. Ooh, I love the idea of the pink binding instead of the brown border. I love Kaffe’s fabrics, but would be totally intimidated by his style. I wonder, what did you end up doing with the blue fabrics from that workshop?

  9. Definitely take off the brown border and go with hot pink binding! Isn't it great to see how we quilters progress and change as the years pass. I've just blogged about a 17 year old quilt that has come back to me for repair, one of my first quilts.

  10. I'm pleased you've decided to lose the brown border, that luscious pink binding is stunning!!

  11. I really like the first one you made...comfy and lovely Kaffe does not have all the answers WE are all different


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