Sunday, 1 July 2018

landslide quilt

I'm currently working on a string quilt. It's a scrappy quilt (of course) but with a limited colour palette of coral, peach, pinks and a few black & whites for a little 'pop' of interest, along with a healthy dose of low volumes. I downloaded the pattern called 'Landslide quilt' by Melanie from southerncharmquilts

Lots & lots of scrappy horizontal strip sets, then lots of diagonally cut wonky improv blocks. However, as indicated in the pattern, this method did create quite a lot of waste.
So, what started out as a quick and easy sew this weekend, ended up taking some time 'cos I couldn't bear to not use the leftovers. I sat in the sun one afternoon with my quick-un-pick, and did a spot of unpicking. Then I resewed all the little bits into new blocks my way, fast, effective & used up most of those little leftover strips. 

Keen to see how things were looking, I put a bundle of blocks up on the design wall
I didn't stress over placement, just made sure everything was going in the same direction. 

It was looking just a bit too samey-samey to me and was borderline being trashed
tossed into the 'spare parts' basket,
so I tried adding in a smidgen gold & blue and made up a few more blocks . . .

. . . a lovely blending of vintage & fresh
Linking up with Cynthia for 'oh scrap' over here at quiltingismorefunthanhousework

And if you are interested, 
here's the link to the vintage quilt that initially inspired Melanie to make this pattern, here


  1. Good on you, both for going back and using those scraps and for adding the gold and blue, which really do make all the difference.

  2. That came together fast! A very dynamic quilt and a great way to use up all the leftovers.

  3. Absolutely beautiful Linda. Now you have me wanting to make one. I love its vintage feel.

    Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. That's so much fun! I liked the addition of the gold fabric in there!

  5. Pretty soft palette once again, but i love the dash of mustardy yellow here & there. The rescued version is wonderful isn't it?!

  6. Yes definitely needed those little pops of navy and gold. It's an interesting pattern, I could never do it, I don't have strips of scraps that long.

  7. Oh nice quilt top Linda. Although this is a pattern for creating a vintage look I'm how it would look using some of my scrap KF fabrics along with softer neutrals, I surely have lots of his scraps!

  8. Great story and quilt, thanks for sharing!
    I stopped in at southerncharmquilts and that was another good
    quilt adventure story too.
    I'm full of inspiration now.


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