Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Sundays are for my brimfieldblocks

Have you seen the wonderful 'brimfieldawakening' EPP blocks over on IG recently, 
- if you check out the link you'll see there's lots of variations of the original block.
It ticks all the my boxes just now, slow stitching, live to be creative, modern quilting, handmade.

My brimfieldawakening pattern from here arrived awhile ago, but I omitted to order any papers.
Finally this week, I had all the essentials - pattern, templates and the papers for EPP.
I spent a bit of time pulling fabrics,
based around a couple of fabrics I had recently purchased from the AGF lovedtopieces collection
and a scrappy assortment of other fabrics in my stash.

. . . prep work done now, all ready for a spot of slow hand stitching on Sunday.


  1. Ooh this is going to be pretty, a real heirloom in the making. I can see your vintagey vibe happening already. How did you find postage and currency conversion to NZD$.

  2. now that I have finished a couple things I need to get back to mine! thanks for reminding me :)

  3. Very pretty. Good luck with all that cutting, glueing and sewing!

  4. Looks lovely. I know I wouldn't have the patience!

  5. Oh my goodness! It is beyond gorgeous and one of the most eye pleasing quilt blocks I have seen online in some tine.

  6. Good for you........EPP is so relaxing. Your fabric selection is lovely.

  7. I predict two things - that you're going to enjoy piecing these blocks, and that I'm going to enjoy your posts about them!

    1. . . . I certainly hope so Gayle! Like many of the recent EPP blocks out there, there’s quite a bit involved with making them. And, I’m not sure yet how long it’ll take to make each block, from fabric pull to completion. I’m hoping setting aside my Sunday afternoons will work. The good thing is that there are only 12 blocks. Happy sewing :)

  8. Lovely colors and florals.
    I too look forward to seeing your progress!

  9. I hadn't come across these before, but have just spent a happy 5 minutes checking out the link. This is a gorgeous version you have started.


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