Tuesday, 16 April 2019

it's binding time again

Two of my recent quilt makes have come back home
and I will be busy adding the bindings sometime over the Easter weekend.

My 'camomile' quilt was custom quilted and looks wonderful
Floral binding? yes please!

- backing closeup pic

And my 'moda love' quilt is quilted in an edge to edge lacy pattern called phoebe . . .

stripey binding? yes please!
- but which one?
My choices are a toss up between an Amy Butler stripey lookalike or a pretty Tilda cream stripe

- backing closeup pic

I ended up using this wonderful Tula stripe in pink & gold, perfect! 

The magic of Leeanne's quilting has just made the whole quiltmaking process so much quicker!
And she's getting to know my quilting preferences really well. 
She has lots more pics of my latest two quilts over here on her ig feed
Linking up with Cynthia for 'oh scrap' here at quiltingismorefunthanhousework

Happy Easter everyone


  1. Looks like you have good plans for the Easter weekend!
    I love seeing quilts when they return from the quilter. So exciting!

  2. Wow what lovely quilts. I like the fresh and light colours it gives both quilts some airiness (Not sure if it is the right expression but hope you understand what I'm trying to say)

  3. Such a great finishes on both quilts! It must be so satisfying :-)

  4. Lovely quilt, sweet colors, and this quilting is gorgeous!

  5. pretty quilt and the quilting suits the quilt

  6. Those are both just beautiful, Linda! I especially love the chamomile quilt with its green dotted sashings and the pops of pink, too. Your quilter really does a lovely job!

  7. Sooooo gorgeous! What aren't MY quilts this gorgeous?!

  8. Both quilts turned out so nicely with the individual quilting. I kinda wish they were mine. Nice work!

  9. Two gorgeous finishes! I love that edge-to-edge quilting design!

  10. That green floral is divine for the binding choice! Love little details like that.:)

  11. Happy Easter to you too!
    And two wonderful quilts, congratulations.

  12. I adore the quilting on your Moda Love quilt - looking forward to seeing what you decided on for binding.


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