Wednesday, 21 July 2021

50 shades of pink

*EDIT: pics updated, see below

Thank you for all the feedback on my last couple of posts,
seems like lots of you are enjoying my 50 shades of pink

 - next batch of crumb blocks

- my focus fabric 

I've been busy making more crumb blocks this week for my present pink project, the 'predictable' quilt, {pattern @sunspellwho encourages you to put your own spin on her design}. It's all made up with HSTs, with the interest lying in the random way the triangles are laid out, giving it a modern vibe.

And I thought I'd combine this project somehow with the recent AHIQ challenge. Kaja from sewslowly discussed our various preferences to working asymmetrically or symmetrically with our quilts. Her new challenge is to pick whichever of these is furthest from your comfort zone and see what you can do.
After some research, a few panic moments & a couple of chats online {thanks to both Susan & Julie}, I'm thinking my 'predictable' quilt could be leaning towards being an asymmetrical quilt - it's got that modern asymmetrical composition with the more traditional HST blocks. I'm also planning on adding an asymmetrical border on two sides, shifting the midpoint over to further achieve asymmetry.

Here's a few progress photos of how things are looking down on the 'design floor' . . .

- now this is looking more interesting and exciting!

{wink wink} Still don’t know if I’m on the right track for the challenge, 
but I'm trying not to overthink this too much.
And it's certainly predictably unpredictable!

Ever had a vision of a quilt then as you work on it, you find it's just not coming together?
Well, after lots of faffing around and with only 4 more blocks to make,
this is finally coming together nicely and making me smile again! 

Love to hear your thoughts on which sort of quilt you prefer to make -
symmetrical? or asymmetrical? 


  1. Your pink challenge quilt is looking very interesting. I especially like the centre of your design where the lines of movement are strongest.

  2. Definitely interesting - I will be intrigued to see how it all looks when finished; keep up the good work!

  3. I think it's hard to work asymmetrically on purpose, but the design you settled on works! The pink HSTs give your design some organization, but can have the asymmetrical look you want by beginning with the "center" diamond off-center. Looks like you're having fun with this challenge!

  4. LOVE the varied border fabrics - they add a lot to the mix. And while I love asymmetrical, it is far easier for me to use symmetry as a way to manage the scrappy chaos. So on I go with my Pandemonium project while you are making great progress with your 50 shades of pink!

  5. I like the design in the last picture much better. It feels more organized and the asymmetry is more obvious. It really looks great! Your focus fabric for one of the borders is perfect.

  6. I like both your versions and that's saying something because I'm definitely a symmetrical quilter. Lovely colors. The crumbs remind me of another way to use scraps than my usual Coins. The pink solids are a delightful combination.


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