Saturday, 17 July 2021

'predictable': a new project

It's another wet weekend here,
what's a girl  woman to do but sew!
Not sure I needed to start another quilt just yet though … but it's happened!

I was trying to sort out some of my orphan quilt blocks, maybe to sew together into more cohesive segments, but then I got distracted and started stitching small bits together into crumb blocks. Totally got off track in the sewing room, again. 

So now I'm working on another crumb quilt, and I thought you would like to see what I've done so far. From its cheerful colour palette to its grab-bag construction method, it's super fun to make.

There's a mixture of recycled, vintage, a few solids and new fabric, including a few silky bits and a bold green & white striped skirt that I got from Aunty Freda. 
I'm sewing with fabric strips in pinks & green with splashes of blue & gold, joining them up in no particular order, then cutting them, pairing them, and then sewing them back together again, with an occasional additional long strip. I'm aiming for a selection of small pieces of fabric, sometimes only slivers of special pieces, within each 6" little block.

So, not so long ago I made a crumb quilt, still love  it, but this time around I wanted to go just a tad further. And luckily sometimes, when you’re killing time on Instagram, you manage to find The. Perfect. Pattern, see here @sunspell for the 'predictable' quilt pattern. I was also inspired by a couple of IG feeds - Margaret's version here @semichaotic, and all the crumb block love over @afullenglish

It is such a fun pattern celebrating the good old HST, with endless possibilities for where the pathways can go. As I have a big pile of these crumb blocks made up now, I'm making a few HST blocks, combining the crumb block squares with squares in an assortment of pinks in different values, {since I don't have 2 metres of any one fabric in pink}. Then I'll put my own spin on this pattern, joining them all up into a predictably unpredictable pathway! 

😕 maybe something like this . . .

 or maybe I'll go down the easier path with a more predictable setting like one of these . . .

 or even this . . .

No setting decisions just yet.
But it sounds like lots more wet & windy weather tomorrow
so I'll be back at the sewing machine making more crumb blocks before I make that final decision.

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Until next time, Linda


  1. Love it, Love it! Your crumb blocks are perfect. I cut those found 1/2 churn dash blocks from my last but one post into smaller HSTs ready for just this sort of quilt. So pleased to see your post come up just before closing down the computer.

  2. What a fun idea, to combine crumb blocks with a consistent color for the HSTs! I love your pink designs!

  3. Lovely!!! (and just as an FYI, for those of us who no longer have Instagram accounts, most of the time we cannot follow your IG links to see what it is you are referencing)

  4. My 2 favorite triggers: Pink and Crumb piecing!

  5. This is terrific. I think pink makes everything look better. So glad your able to play around and just enjoy your stitching. I've got a skirt that I think would look great in a quilt. Hmmmmmm?

  6. LOVING the pinks (and we all know I adore HSTs).

  7. So many exciting possibilities, thanks for sharing.
    Predictably unpredictable, great fun to look forward to.

  8. These crumb quilts end up being very loved and used.

  9. Lovely combination with this collection. Loving the HSTs.

  10. These crumb blocks make me smile! Love how your using the HST with the crumb fabric!

  11. What a great idea to pair those crumb blocks with pink squares. All those ideas look winners.

  12. Looks like SEW much fun, Linda!! I have a little piece of that lemon print just waiting to be used up. LOVE it!


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