Thursday 15 September 2022

I need more pastel in my life!

Yes, time to tame all that colour! I'm switching gears today and adding a little more pastel into my life. I'm going with a vintage inspired whisper palette in pink, mustard & blues, with little accents of raspberry. I've got a soft mix of prints sorted out, including some of my small collection of Karen Lewis fabrics, along with a Liberty, AMH & an early Outback Wife print, all teamed up with a healthy dose of low volumes. I love it when the fabric kicks off the story! 

I started out making 12" 'sawtooth star' blocks, they are The. Perfect simple block setting to show off these prints & colours really well. 

Super happy with the soft pink and mustard combo... what colour combos make you smile? 

 Still undecided about the overall plan here, but having fun faffing around ...



Linda said...

Really pretty colour combinations. You have some lovely pastel fabrics.

Karen S said...

I think I would have trouble putting enough pastels together. Not really a lot in my stash, so I will enjoy watching yours.

audrey said...

This is gonna be so much fun! I love the mustard points star.:) I'm starting to run really low on pastels and lower volume fabrics which I hate. They always add so much interest to a quilt!