Sunday, 2 October 2022


And the final in this recent little flurry of finishes... "Wildflowers". It's a scrappy HST quilt from the Heritage Series Quilts - vintage quilt patterns by Penelope Handmade. I started making my HST blocks back in March 2021, you can find a previous post about this quilt here.

I began with a curated bundle of pretty wildflowers, I then added other prints & solids from my stash. I've kept to a limited palette in this scrappy quilt, where the focus is a little play with the gentle variations in value.

For my backing I chose 'New Vintage' by Laura Heine and the quilting was done by Leeanne from quiltmekiwi.  I opted for the Baptist Fan E2E quilting pattern, a real favourite of mine. I love to pair flowing quilting designs with geometric quilt patterns, as I feel like it helps soften up all the straight lines a bit. 
The binding was a lucky stash basket find, a cotton & steel stripe.  Finished quilt measures 58" x 58". 

- a little binding collage showing fabric detail, use & scale

I love taking photos of my quilts, {wink wink} almost as much as I love making my quilts! Once I gift a quilt, it's gone ... so having a photo record here is one way to keep a quilting journal of all my makes. This latest obsession hobby has had me working on improving my photography skills this year! 

We often see quilts flat in photos - I guess to show the whole quilt clearly - but I always think there's nothing better than seeing photos of our quilts being loved & well used too, draped, held, scrunched up and capturing those snuggle moments! 
The grandchildren weren't around to help with the scrunching for me today, but I lovingly crumpled up my quilt for a few last pics ...

Do you take lots of quilt pics too?
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dutchcomfort said...

It's beautiful, I love HST quilts. It has a vintage vibe!! Another lovely finish Linda!

Linda said...

Love your choice of colour palette. Great quilt finish.

Susan said...

Another wonderful quilt Linda! You have been on a roll! Do you keep all the quilts you make? I know I wouldn’t want to give any away!

Kleine Vingers said...

Love the colours you used, your quilts are always looking so fresh and bright.

audrey said...

I saw this on Instagram, but wanted another look here on your blog. The colors of this quilt are just exquisite. Very sweet!:)

Karen S said...

This one is stunning with all the piecing of those little triangles. What a wonderful finish. And i do like seeing all the different photos.

Rebecca Grace said...

Another beautiful finish, Linda! I adore vintage quilts made from little HSTs like this one. And you are right about the importance of getting those photos before the quilts are gone. Sometimes I feel like the quilt photo is my REAL goal, and the actual finished quilt is just a "byproduct" of my quilt photography hobby. Hah!

FlourishingPalms said...

Very pretty, Linda! I admire you for taking on the challenge to piece so many HSTs and give them sharp points. I'll take an improv triangle any day, compared to those! However, I do love precise triangles. I just rarely make them myself. I love taking quilt pics too, especially when I push myself to go out into the real world to find creative locations. I don't do scrunched-quilt pics though. That's probably just me, but when I've taken the time to quilt my own quilts, I want to show off long flat angles of quilting. :-) I'm glad for you to have this beautiful finish!