Friday, 3 February 2023

summertime vibe

My 'Origins' quilt ended up neither shy nor retiring {wink wink}. However, I am super happy that it is 100% pulled from my stash baskets. These fat quarters have come from fabrics that have been sitting on my shelf just waiting to be made into something, anything really, so it does feel good to finally be using use them! 
And the pattern from @liftinglimitsquilting is a really fun one to play with!

Going rogue (again) with mixing colour & pattern, and mainly thinking of a summertime vibe! Lots of pastels in purple & pink, soft white, blues, and green. I'm mixing up my fabrics too, mainly AMH, Kaffes, and a few Jennifer Paganelli fabrics. 

*Update: I left my layout down on the 'design floor' for a day or so... just to be sure... to be sure... as I 
wasn't happy with that lone dark plum/cranberry block in there.
Anyways, last weekend I tweaked things just a little by swopping in a blending block and then joined everything up together. And I'm super happy with it now! 

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Until next time, Linda


Gretchen Weaver said...

The bright fabrics work so well together, lovely blocks! Happy stitching!

Karen S said...

What a wonderful feeling to know that it all came from your stash!!!! Looking great.

LA Paylor said...

thanks for a flamingo... of any kind! Love your scrappy goodness here


FlourishingPalms said...

We both know what a good feeling it is to use-up stash! I admire you for determining to do that. What a lovely color combo you came up with - easy-on-the-eyes, and an easy-to-make block. It just lovely.

Mystic Quilter said...

Going rogue is good!!! I love this quilt, stunning mix of colours and it looks fantastic draped over your door! Just shows what we can do with fabric which has been around a little while waiting for the perfect quilt design to come along.

Linda said...

Ooh this is lovely!