Wednesday 14 February 2024

housetop 9block variation

A gingham in gold, some small pieces of 'posy' by Annabel Wrigley, a few solids, lots of leftover strips
... and a quilt was underway!

... I'd been wondering about what to sew with all the leftover strips in my scrap basket, it's overflowing. I started making up a few trial blocks, and now I'm hooked! 

Going a bit loosey goosey here, making my own version of a 'house top' block, a favourite block obviously inspired by the Gees Bend quilters and their amazing quilts (see pic below) & a recent quilt from Windham Fabrics.

- Gee’s Bend quilt by Amelia Bennett.

💖Love a quilt that's made from leftover pieces from past quilts, it's a real trip down memory lane. This is a fun mix of bright & pastel fabric from over the years that includes quilting cottons and vintage prints, did anyone spot that delightful Laura Ashley print in the border sashing? I've used a colour palette mainly in -but not limited to- peach, pinks, gold and blues.

Yes, yes, more improv! I used a ruler and rotary cutter to help me cut straight, but I didn’t measure anything😉 When I'd made all my blocks, I sized everything down to my smallest block and then added the sashings. 
Lots of fun trying to get that "random" and yet cohesive look. Think I'll make another one now, loving this process!

Housetop 9 block variation, pieced.


Janie said...

Your 9 Block Housetop Variation is a classic beauty! Now that's exciting. Thanks for sharing your process.
Happy Valentines's Day!

Linda said...

Love this style of blocks. As always your great use of colour is spectacular.

audrey said...

This is one of my favorite blocks for improv. quilts. Works so good with the looser style! Loving these colors and fabrics!

Ann said...

IMO it's important to keep up with the scraps and strips. Good job here; they highlight your color sense.

Mystic Quilter said...

Good to see that you went loosey goosey, your top is just beautiful, I love it! I have lots of scrap sorting to take care of, I'm sure there will be enough for a few quilts.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That's a fun design, Linda! I love that you're using random leftover strips from the scrap bin and yet it all goes together in a lovely way. What neat inspiration, too!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Super sweet quilt and it's the best kind of scrappy!!

Karen S said...

I like your interpretation and your fabric choices. Lovely work.

The Scrappy Moose said...

Gorgeous! I love this style. Scraps are my jam and using every last bit of them! Putting it on my to-make list. Thanks for the inspiration!

Nann said...

The improv log cabin blocks are great -- and they'll use up a lot of strips.