Wednesday, 13 March 2019

breaking up a bundle ... or not

I've had this fat 1/4 bundle of Rifle Paper co. fabrics 'english garden' for a quite a while now. It's a pretty mix of florals, dark and light colors, with stripes too.They look so lovely all stacked up in the bundle together. But it can't stay in a bundle up on the shelf much longer, this is my year of using my stash.

Over the past few months I've been so tempted to pull out one or three fabrics and add them into the scrappy mix of other projects. But I haven't. yet.
And, I've seen quilts made exclusively from curated fabric collections. Such a good option for some, a great way to ensure a coordinated color palette with built-in contrast.

Oh my, I have I stalled for ages trying to decide what to do, either to break up my bundle and scatter the fabrics amongst my colour baskets for using as desired or to use it, maybe as a starter pack for something.

So all this brings me to my new project, I do love new beginnings.
You weren't surprised were you?

I'm a scrappy quilter at heart, and I decided to use this curated bundle as my starting point and try to make up blocks that looked interesting, and not too matchey-matchey.
I tossed up between making 'sawtooth' blocks like these all set on low volumes, or going a bit bolder with maybe 16 patch 'St Louis' blocks.
After a couple of trial blocks, I decided to stick with the rather traditional 'sawtooth' design. I'm using Amy from diaryofaquilter's tutorial for the block sizings, it's one I've used many times.
And, inpsired by a quilt I spotted over here early last year sometime, I figured the classic combo of assorted stripes & florals could turn this fabric bundle into something that's a little more me, more scrappy and vintagey.

 I'm sure as I progress, there'll be a few rogue big florals from everywhere thrown in too
- I won't be able to help myself!
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  1. This will be another gorgeous Linda Kokaquilts original© !!! Love the fabric combo’s! The sawtooth block is such a great block! I’ve made some in the past for charity group quilts, but a whole quilt is on my list!

  2. Lovely fabric, I often find using just one fabric line is to matching so I tend to add other fabrics to add interest. Looking forward seeing another lovely happy quilt

  3. Always lovely to see your mix of florals and stripes.

  4. every now and then I will break a bundle apart as some thing keeps me from using it - when I break it apart and separate into my color bins I seem to use the saved pieces more for some reason

  5. I wondered what you were hatching! Love the new blocks. Very "you "!

  6. Wow! Love these blocks. So nice to start a new quilt, isn’t it?!

  7. Stripes and ginghams with those lovely little florals. This one is going to be pretty!

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  8. Oh my goodness! Each block is better than the last! :-)

  9. What beautiful florals and they mix well with stripes and the black and white gingham or is that a houndstooth?
    Sawtooth stars are always effective and attractive, looks great.

  10. This is very pretty and so you. Feels nice to actually use the stash, not just look at it.

  11. Beautiful blocks! You found a great starting place.

  12. That is a very lovely pile of fabrics - I love their designs. The idea of mixing in your stripes and gingham seems just right.

  13. Fantastic! So much scrappy goodness going on!

  14. You can never go wrong with sawtooth stars - and you've definitely proved that here! Love the combinations!

  15. Always hard to break up a bundle because it can never go back.
    But look at the lovely results you get when you do.

  16. Good on you for breaking it up. I personally prefer quilts made from multiple collections. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.

  17. I have dithered over bundles too, thinking they would be handy for a workshop or new pattern, I keep them together. Oy!

  18. These are beautiful blocks! I did the same recently, trying to figure out what to do with a bundle and decided to make a quilt. That is why they came in a bundle, isn't it? Separating them would be like separating a family!


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