Monday, 6 January 2020

finishing some unfinished projects: making a start

I've decided to set aside a couple of months to relook at what I've already got underway here in the sewing room, and hopefully finish some unfinished projects or, at least, move a couple just a bit further along.

First up this week is my 2nd attempt at these 'wagon wheel' blocks, see back here. Leave something up on the design wall for long enough around here, and it's bound to take a different turn! After a couple of weeks looking at my initial starting for this project, I've changed things around a little, just enough to help things gel a bit better.

I'm still using all the centres that I'd cut out, and the eclectic variety of cottons for the arcs, but I've decided to use just the one floral fabric for my backgrounds. Here's a wee peep . . .

- "Marseille" in Hot Pink Mum by Robyn Pandolph

and then there were four up on the design wall . . .

I seem to have done a complete 360 with these wagon wheel blocks. 
I was going for 'interesting rather than pretty' 
but now {wink wink} they are certainly more 'pretty than interesting'! 
- whatever works, right?

Linking up with Cynthia here & Wendy over here this weekend
and with Kelly here too

Until next time, Linda


  1. such a neat block I really like all the scrapiness going on here

  2. I have a wheel block started and need to get busy on it, too.

  3. Love these blocks Linda - I like your decision to use just the one fabric for the background, everything ties together beautifully.

  4. I think that they are both pretty and interesting!

  5. A wheel quilt is on my long term project list - possibly LATE this year but definitely next year. Love your background fabric choice.

  6. they are interesting and pretty. I love the mix of textures and colors, that bring your eye around to seeing them all. I also love the mix of hexies with them... OH it's grand! LeeAnna

  7. It is funny how one thing can change category depending on what you are comparing it to. You would have described the background as somewhat busy, but against the blocks it becomes a neutral. And that is the cleverness of patchwork!

  8. I think they're both! (And if you really want to make it interesting, you could use a red and white strip for the sashing...)

  9. I Like the floral backgrounds. I am working my way through large hexis (I'm on the linkup).

  10. I adore your wagon wheel blocks! Been thinking and thinking about making Dresden blocks, but maybe they might have to be switched out for something like this! As always, so enjoy your play with color and fabric! Keep up the good work! Such a pleasure to follow along.:)

  11. Your wagon wheels are interesting as well as pretty. Wonderful scrapiness. One day, I will make them.

  12. I don't know anyone who is better at using those big florals than you. Ill really look forward to seeing this one progress.

  13. Pretty wagon wheels and hexies.


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