Saturday, 22 February 2020

a little escape

We've just got home from a lovely little escape 'up north'. 
It felt like a world away, and I loved it! 

Mr D. & I drove up to Mangawhai Heads, a little out of the way, and a lot to explore. 

We arrived late morning, and followed the instructions to finding our rented 'book-a-bach'. Third exit on the roundabout, first left, and then up a steep drive.

And the bach, well what can I say, it was a bit like going back in time. Faded striped curtains, paper mache art vase, and an old radio on top of the bookcase. The crockery and cutlery were wonderfully mismatched, the whole vibe was classic 1970s.

It seemed to hold memories of a thousand holidays . . . daytime decisions tossing up about going to the surf beach or the estuary, evenings of families playing cards and scrabble, and, it had everything we needed.

There were lots of great food options - deli, takeaways and a couple of cafes - along at the shops, just 20 mins walking distance. We tended to eat out at lunchtime, and have something light for dinner so I didn't really have to cook anything. My kind of holiday!

I took a quilt, of course . . .

Back to reality now!


  1. How beautiful. Not my "escape up North", but just as wonderful I'm sure. I'm in USA and my escape is "down south". :-)

  2. looks like fun and a twenty minute walk to places to eat isn't bad at all and bet you had a lot of fun

  3. What a lovely getaway! Good for you:))) hugs, Julierose

  4. It looks like a wonderful getaway. That was a perfect quilt to take to the beach!

  5. That looks like a perfect break! (It looks especially good to me with my yard full of snow...)

  6. So wonderful...beautiful...I am happy for you

  7. It looks and sounds perfect!! Glad you had such a lovely time

  8. What a perfect holiday. Hope you managed to explore some of the places I mentioned. Welcome back to real life.

  9. This looks great Linda. What a lovely location for a break.

  10. An amazing looking break Linda, the beach looks so inviting. Actually the bach also looks inviting and interesting, the china pieces you've photographed are a delight, love them.

  11. looks like a 'groovie' place! fantastic views......they really should have quilts there all the time, your's looks right at home.

  12. When we lived further south we found Mangawhai a nice spot for a family holiday - but I do believe it's really grown since then! I do believe that bach would have been well and established 20 years ago when we were holidaying there! Glad you had a lovely time.


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