Wednesday, 9 June 2021

diving right in...

Finishing one project & starting another 
- that’s what seems to happen around here. a. lot! 

I've downloaded the recent "mom & pop" quilt pattern from Joy @themakingsofjoy  Her pattern is delightfully written, and filled with quilt techniques and tips for different colourways and cohesive scrap beauties. This quilt has a real retro vibe about it and there are four design options in the one pattern, from using yardage to different scrappy versions. 
I'm making the 'cohesive mix & match' option for the most part. The mix&match process looks like a scrappy quilt, even though it’s made of FQs, but I am modifying it slightly.

I'm going for a whispery palette, starting with the pastel 'Lotus Leaf' print, an early Kaffe fabric. Then I grabbed more fat quarters from my stash to make up a pretty bundle of fabrics to go with the pastel vibe. Do you like making bundles from your stash too?

Diving right in today, 
hope you enjoy these in-progress photos too . . .

- love it when treasure gets saved from the scrap pile
like this early Kaffe 'Lotus Leaf'

- and a little mixing and matching

Yes 💕 I'm liking where this is going.


  1. Pretty blocks! Some lovely fabrics.

  2. Your stars look so pretty. Love the mix of fabrics.

  3. There’s no stopping you, is there Linda! You always have another quilt ready to make! It will definitely have your scrappy style!

  4. Such an eclectic combination of fabrics but you always make it work. Fun new quilt blocks combinations.

  5. That looks like a fun project. Beautiful blocks.

  6. Lovely fabric pick Linda and I see you have one of my favourites in your selection - the pastel Lotus Leaf. It's all looking so good!

  7. Beautiful fabrics and so soft. It's terribly hot here and these colors look so cool. Love the stars.

  8. This one does have a very soft and subtle look about it.
    Gorgeous combinations.

  9. You seem to be on such a roll, Linda. These soft colours are very appealing and it's lovely to see that lotus print - always a favourite.

  10. These are wonderful! I love the look of the 'background' stars.:)


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