Tuesday, 18 January 2022

pas de deux

Hello hello. So this is where I ended up with my fabric pull for the  #pasdedeuxquilt, which is  @stitchedincolor’s year long Block of the Month. And what is this BOM all about? I hear you ask. Here's what Rachel has to say …

"Pas de Deux interweaves many styles of patchwork in a modern, non-linear way. 
The shapes spin and dance, bringing to mind a pas de deux, which is a dance for two.

Unlike other sampler quilts, you won’t make just one block in each style. 
Instead, Pas de Deux invites you to dig into each shape and repeat it for awhile, 
before moving onto something new. 
Repetition and novelty all wrapped up in a surprising package."

One of the questions I often get asked is how do I choose the fabrics for my quilts?
I had the best time sorting scraps and stash for this, hunting for just the right contrasting or blending combinations … making choices … it’s a personal thing for sure … and a super way to waste spend a few hours! 

I was a bit unsure about choosing my theme/mood so I opted for having a focus fabric as my starting point, pic #1. Time to use this yummy highly saturated floral,  #bohofusionfabric from @artgalleryfabricsI love those vivid, rich colours.
And then it was simply intuition and digging into the fabric stash looking for other fabrics that could all work together. 

As each patchwork ensemble is composed of two main colours {aka the two main dancers} I sorted a few initial combinations to check if I liked what was happening. I also plan to add in a few solids to add depth and a few designer prints to add interest along the way.  
While I am going to be guided by Rachel's multi coloured version for the first couple of months, I know my palette will evolve more as I progress during the year.

I tend to just jump right in - no checking if there's enough of any one fabric, it is scrappy after all - I just sew and try hard not overthink it. I'm finding that if you use enough different fabrics in a scrappy quilt it all turns out in the end … well, usually!

- first three little sections done 
Going for a gentle low contrast grouping here, lots of time to go bold later on!

- loving this #citrus & #teal combo

Here's how the design wall is looking so far
- keen to see next month's blocks now! 

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Until next time, Linda


  1. That looks like an interesting sew along, I like the parts you have done. The citrus blocks are lovely.

  2. I always enjoy seeing your combinations. Great start!

  3. I like that citrus/teal combination too and agree with you, that if you don't have quite enough of any particular fabric, it will just add to the lovely scrappiness of the quilt.

  4. Your fabric combinations are always a winner Linda! And you’ve started brilliantly. You know Jen Kingwell always say ,”why use 10 fabrics when you can use 100?!”

  5. That bold floral was a great choice for pulling your colors. Lovely start on the BOM, Linda!!


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