Thursday, 27 January 2022

improv with a pattern

My "Daylesford" quilt top is done! 
I loved making this, it felt very much like improv 
Such a forgiving pattern, 
with great guidelines to create your own adventure, making your quilt unique!

Quilt top details:
"Daylesford" quilt, my version of Jen Kingwell's pattern
Finished size approx. 60" x 60"
Made from a mix of fabrics all from my stash, 
including Outback Wife, Karen Lewis and a little bit of Liberty

Linking up with Kelly for NTT here
Off now to vacuum the sewing room floor,


  1. ABsolutely love it!!! Nothing competes with each other, and it's totally art and useable at the same time.

    Too many times lately I've been looking at my fabric and it's been in the "too precious" pile. I need to totally dig in.

  2. I really like this one, nice balance with the pieces and parts.

  3. Your use of prints and pattern always fascinates me. You have a unique style that I find charming and visually very appealing.

  4. What a terrific improv quilt top. Lots of color and pattern, energy and still balanced. It's just so fun and pretty!

  5. That's so pretty, Linda! I love the mix of pinks and blues, florals and plaids, strips and blocks. Lots of fun stuff to look at!

  6. A delightful quilt. There is so much freedom and whimsy. It turned out great.

  7. What a nice way to use-up a variety of fabrics! Seems like the design is like a big log cabin, with places to use small bits in more specific ways. I think I've seen this method done in an Australian quilt, and it has a particular name, though I can't remember it!

  8. What a lovely result. I do enjoy seeing the delightful combinations coming together.

  9. Great quilt!! Love how you’ve done this.


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