Monday, 24 January 2022

round and round we go

Hello hello. It's funny isn't it, if you leave something for a week, everything changes! I needed to make room for this month's "Pas de Deux" blocks on the design wall, so I shifted my "Daylesford" bits & pieces down onto the design floor, and walked around it all for a week or more. 

But then the more I looked at it, the more it felt like I was going a little off-piste here. I re-read the instructions, and - silly me - I was going clockwise round & round, whereas Jen went anti-clockwise!  Actually that didn't worry me too much, after-all I alter patterns lots of times. And, I'd already decided that the widths of my strips would be dictated by what stash I had here on hand, not necessarily what the pattern suggested. 

However,  what was really troubling me was that I was aiming for a much softer look … and that was just so not happening! So, over the weekend, out came the quick-un-pic and I reworked things a bit. 

- love a little pink with mustard

It's a medallion of sorts, with a sampling of little blocks, scrappy {so very much Jen kingwell's style}, and pieced together like a giant log cabin, a Gee’s Bend inspired quilt I suspect. 

My palette has been fine tuned a bit more too {phew!} as I go round & round, into a selection of pastel pinks, assorted blues and a "pop" of mustard. 
I'm incorporating some recent additions from my stash too, like Karen Lewis' 'hand stitched' fabrics - so modern & fresh with minimalist designs. I love how different they can look depending on what you pair them with, {like maybe solids or Liberty}. However, what I was really surprised with, was how super they look teamed up with the very last few bits of my favourite Outback Wife fabrics... perfect for creating that softer vintage/ modern vibe I was hoping for!

I'm really enjoying making this, even with all that unpicking!
I've stitched six rounds together now, and am super happy with my progress. It's all back down on the design floor again while I contemplate the last few more borders …

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Until next time, Linda


  1. That's such a pretty and unique design! I love round and round of the strips interspersed with some pieced blocks here and there. Lovely!

  2. Nice progress, Linda. This quilt is going to be SEW super sweet!! How big is it getting to be, at this point? (The Joyful Quilter @ work)

  3. A special quilt indeed - I am loving it!

  4. SO HAPPY you posted this. I am working on a Daylesford quilt too and it was going off track...too dark but the fabrics aren't dark...just not light enough. I was trying to also do my 'own thing' and it wasn't clicking. I am just going to keep going on...thanks.

  5. Oh, I love this newer, fresher version Linda! It is definitely more YOU!

  6. I think this is shaping up to be one of my favorites of all your quilts! Love it!:)


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