Wednesday, 29 June 2022

a spot of Wednesday morning quilt texture

Oh my, the temperatures have certainly dropped here in NZ this past week, two quilt weather for sure! I rummaged around in the cupboard, pulled a quilt out and popped it on the bed last night. 
And so now on the bed, I've teamed up my scrappy log cabin quilt with this 'Star Crossed' quilt {finished back in 2018}, from the book 'Utility-style quilts for everyday life' by Sharon Holland.

Love having lots of quilts around here so I can mix and don't match, and very much love the contrast between these two quilts!  

Here's a few photos of quilty texture in the morning sunshine …

Loving the wide borders in this quilt, 
 they add a nice contrast to some of the more playful elements of the star blocks.

I’m super happy with the contrast between the cream backing fabric vs. the scrappy patchwork blocks too
- I haven't used a cream backing for years now {wink wink}  

- a few detail pics of my scrappy log cabin quilt 

My 'star crossed' quilt has lots of elements that I'm crushing on just now … a gently muted palette, a few quirky vintage favourites mixed up with a few more 'modern' fabrics, a couple of ginghams, a plaid, and several different blending solids {years old} to break things up … all of which hint that this quilt was made from stash & scrap materials.

I do love to play with colour, cut fabrics up, & stitch them back together. I am not a machine quilter though, I'm not very good at it. And all those wide sashings & borders in this quilt equaled lots of -ve space, which I had no hope of filling with my limited straight line quilting. 
Sew sometimes, you need a little help to get that "finish" and so I sent this large quilt off to  Leeanne from quiltmekiwi.
I also tend to prefer not so dense quilting usually, but I think Leanne’s decisions were spot on with this quilt! And, I'm sure you'll agree, it is beautifully custom quilted. Thank goodness Leanne's not too far away to add some yummy quilty texture to my makes. 
Binding hand stitched by me! Finished quilt measures 62" x 88"

Linking up with Kelly for NNT here and with Wendy over here for this weekend's 'peacock party
Until next time, Linda


Linda said...

Lovely to see your quilts on your bed. Is your furniture remu? Reminds me of the furniture we had in our house near Kaiteriteri.

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Such a great quilt, with the big blocks and unexpected fabrics (not to mention the custom quilting!) and I love your "mix and don't match" philosophy. It is so cozy to add an extra quilt to the bed on a chilly night.

Rebecca Grace said...

I love the feathers and ribbon candy in those pink borders, Linda! Enjoy those cooler temps. Here in the Southeastern United States, we're just getting to the point where we've given up on trying to keep the lawn alive as the heat is just sweltering and the skyrocketing water bills don't make sense ecologically or financially. Maybe we should try spraypainting the dead lawn green? ;-)

Leeanne said...

Linda what a cool blast from the past! I was wondering how long I have been quilting for you? I always appreciate when a bundle of your quilt tops arrive for some quilting.

Robin said...

Delightful warm combination. Looks cozy.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I know exactly what you mean about mixing up, but not matching the quilts you get out and use around the house! Doesn't it feel good to do that when the weather turns cold and wrapping up in a quilt sounds so good, especially one you haven't had out in awhile? That's such a pretty one, Linda!

FlourishingPalms said...

It IS nice to have different quilts to mix and match, and layer on the bed during winter months. These are so nice to admire and appreciate. For me, the challenge is in having quilts that fit a king-sized bed! Most often that means using the one king-sized quilt I've ever made, and then a quilt each for hubs and me - so three on the bed! It's tough "making do." Ha!

Mystic Quilter said...

Nice mix and match with the quilts Linda, and yes, Leeane has done a wonderful job with her custom quilting of Star Crossed.You'll be keeping the cold at bay with these two on the bed. What size are the Star Crossed blocks please, they look larger than 12" but I guess that could be partly due to the effect of the sashing.

audrey said...

Yes, the dense stitching in Star Crossed in a wonderful addition to the quilt! Love the colors and feel to that finish especially. Always so happy to see your latest finishes as your color palettes always inspire.:)