Monday 4 December 2023

maximum scrappiness

I've put this off for long enough. My daughter needs wants another quilt! She likes her quilts big ... big enough to go down over the sides & bottom of their king-sized bed, so, it needs to be huge!
I faffed around for days coming up with different ideas, but it wasn't an easy decision.
I decided to go scrappy of course. What really troubled me were the proportions of a large quilt & boredom setting in while making it.

I ended up settling on the "me sew happy" quilt from these clever hands. It looks like it'll be a great pattern to use up some of my stash & scraps. The original is made up of 16 simple large blocks ... and I think repeating a few more blocks and/or sashing could work very well to bring it up to a larger size.

This idea checks lots of boxes for me:
Colourful ✅ 
Scrappy ✅
Low volume prints ✅
Using fabrics I already have ✅
Fast & easy ✅
Fun! ✅

Keen to begin, I headed to my fabric baskets for some afternoon sorting. I'm using mainly small to medium sized prints, lots of colourful & busy Kaffe, AMH, & Jennifer Paganelli fabrics from my stash.

After a few epic cutting out sessions, I'm now busy sewing my blocks. When making my small hourglass blocks I did start trying to be matchy-matchy - it's kinda automatic isn't it - but after cutting out, slicing, mixing up, sewing, cutting again, then pairing up to sew again, I gave up! There were heaps of them! I focused on getting 4 different prints in each little block for maximum scrappiness. 

Super happy with the play of the occasional lighter, low volume spaces amongst all my mulit-coloured brights!


To sash or not to sash?

Either way, the end is in sight!


Raewyn said...

You've made a fabulous start Linda - and a wise pattern choice so that you don't get bored! I'm sure your daughter will be happy:-)

pandchintz said...

Looking fabulous! She’s sure to love it

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

It does take awhile to do a big quilt but I always like them to fit the bed too - what you are doing is good - mixing things up to keep out boredom and it is interesting and colorful

Marie said...

So wonderful and cheery!

Robin said...

You have found a fabulous pattern. This is going to be spectacular. And it uses up scraps - win win.

Ann said...

King size quilts do get tiring but you’ve found the perfect remedy. Lovely prints and colors.

Janie said...

Yes, lovely scrappiness! The blues come out to me which is I think very romantic and soothing.
I like your quilt in your previous post too, Pinwheels & Stars, and I see raspberry in that quilt.
Lovely quilts here!

FlourishingPalms said...

Whoo-hoo! Look at you go! I'm impressed by the number of prints you have in your stash, especially so many colorful florals. Wowsa. I have a few big florals in my stash (mostly collected in fq bundles with other prints I prefer), that I find difficult to use. Guess I need to just cut them up and make a scrappy quilt! Yours is proof that it works! I am thinking to make another "Snap Scrap" quilt. Have you seen that free pattern? It was offered as a 2020 along y Quilts for the Making. I made one, but certainly have enough fabrics for another. Bet you do too! Hope you enjoy making a *large* quilt! I have done that once, so I know the "boredom" your referring to. Hang in there! It's looking fab!