Sunday 10 December 2023

From stitching down shapes to a new story

Bramble Blooms QAL update

Audrey at quiltyfolk is hosting a quiltalong, one where we get to create our own original designs following her prompts. The idea is to make a medallion style improv quilt using some of our older and slightly unloved fabrics, along with something we love too. The centrepiece is a floral applique theme.

inspiration pics ...

BB steps 1 & 2 ✅✅

Improv Applique #1 
I don't often do too much applique, and improv applique (what? no pattern?) is probably one process I've really struggled with in the past. 
The idea for my centerpiece came from a few photos on ig, including the delightful basket blocks here at French general - imitation and flattery and all that!
Using my early art vignette piece as a starting point, I've been happily cutting up the larger piece into smaller sections and reshuffling positions all last week. 

I've now stitched down all my shapes to my background. I used a combo of machine “blanket stitch” combined with some raw edged appliqué, and I had also hand stitched lots of extra little embroidery details. 

One thing I'm learning is that editing the colours and shapes is essential (and fun) when working with any improv project. My tentative plan for the first border is to use similar colours to those I've used in my centrepiece to keep things cohesive, but I'll wait & see what Audrey's next prompt & advice is before progressing further. 


But wait... there's more... with the little hiatus in the BBQAL program, I got sidetracked exploring raw edge applique just a little bit more. And sew a new story begins! 

I'm planning another combination of a variety of freehand fabric shapes with some (beginners!) raw edge thread applique to enhance things. 
Improv Applique #2 ... who knows ... maybe this is the start of a series?

- and one last pic in the morning sunshine

🌷💐"You can never have too many flowers"🌺🌹 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love the flowers in that last photo - the colors and shape are really neat.

Robin said...

The basket of flowers look great. This is a technique I think I'd like to try sometime. The sunflowers are pretty dazzling. Love the fabrics you've chosen.

Quilting Babcia said...

I do love those bright cheery orange blossoms, especially on this gray snowy windy day! Yes for a series! said...

Wow! Kudos to you to improv applique! Your project is bright and cheery. . .the new story too! I might have to try this technique although I've not even done much improv or raw edge applique!

Rebecca Grace said...

IMPROV applique?!! I didn't even know that was a thing, but I love it!! No marking the pattern on your background ahead of time or trying to make things line up with a vinyl overlay etc. Your floral bouquet looks wonderful; especially love your hand embroidered details, and the orange flowers you're working on now are going to be delightful, too!