Sunday, 1 February 2015

a little light-bulb moment

I've been making a bit of a dent in the scraps from my overflowing scrap basket! I sorted them into several 'important' piles, and was really quite ruthless about what I would actually enjoy sewing with again or not!
I also singled out all my scrappy bits of AMH, trimmed them up, and started making more of those quarter log cabin blocks. I find quite a few AMH fabrics beautiful individually, but the initial blocks I'd made were looking very intense to me, with all the various fabrics stitched up close & personal against each other!
My daughter came over this afternoon with the girls, Olive & Evie. I asked her to have a little peep in the sewing room, with a sort of "what's wrong with this picture?" question for her! Instantly she said, there's too much pink in these squares here and way too much blue over there, and I suddenly realised where I was going wrong!
I didn't unpick all of my blocks, just little bits of them, and I began alternating the strips of warm/cool colours more with the newer blocks, and wow, what a difference! This block appeared simple enough, amazing how a little bit of thought and feedback made it even better! Think I'll keep going with this!

Inspiration came from two books 
Sunday Morning Quilts and The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking by Jane Brocket 
oh and from Jodi over at Tales of Cloth here {pop over sometime for some lovely colourful pics!}
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  1. Looks good to me ...Love the fabrics...:)

  2. Great way to use up treasured scraps.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for linking me! X

  4. Always nice to have another eye on a project. Looks good.

  5. I like how this project is working out. Balancing the cool with the warm scraps was a great idea and really makes each fabric in the blocks stand out more. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. Your daughter has a good eye. These look like fun.

  7. A little help from your daughter made for a wonderful "light bulb moment" - have fun watching your quilt top grow.
    Kathy T. in Tampa

  8. It's amazing how colors can change simply based on what other color they are paired with. I've especially noticed this when working with solids and various low volume fabrics. Depending on the intensity of the color really makes a difference on whether the LV ends up looking more cream or more white. Nice start!

  9. Very pretty, fantastic colors!

  10. Gotta love playing with scraps! This is coming along very nicely!


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