Wednesday, 11 February 2015

remember alice?

  A little parcel came from Westwood Acres Fabrics in the post today.
     Lovely Liberties... such a delightful selection!


do you remember alice, and the mad hatter...

... the queen of hearts, the white rabbit...

... the crazy tea party...


Which 'Alice in Wonderland' Character Are You?
                                           ...and all that topsy-turvy world of wonderland!
Just delightful!
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  1. They send the best looking emails that are always v tempting!

  2. That Alice in Wonderland fabric is very cute!

  3. That Alice in Wonderland fabric is very cute!

  4. I do remember Alice! She is in all her glory in these beauties. I wonder who is going to get something in these pretties...

    Thanks for visiting my blog and apologies for not realizing that your comment was "awaiting moderation." (I sometimes forget to check all the little corners.)


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