Monday, 16 February 2015

more moda "modern" {update}

these little 6" blocks are so cute! 

Well, I guess this project has now just been elevated... from the 'sew slowing' pile to a current WiP! Warning: these blocks are a bit addictive! There is a lot of cutting out, and yes, the large blocks - those 36"x 36" and the 30" x 30" ones - do take some time. However, I'm really enjoying all the piecing, the blocks are traditional but the asymmetry & bright colour play is such fun! I just love that solid green fabric - it's Moda Bella Solid in Leaf! As I sew, I've been thinking this is a great refresher for some of us, and a real skill builder for others. Linking up with WiP Wednesday later in the week.


  1. Looking lovely Linda. I do feel I am learning so much doing each block.

  2. What a fresh pretty green. I think it would be a major skill builder for me doing these.


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