Friday, 6 February 2015


I first saw this layout in one of my earliest Kaffe Fassett books, and I have always loved it! It was a lovely old vintage Handkerchief quilt, made in lively primary colours, no borders, timeless! Since then I've seen different fabrics used in different settings for these quarter log cabin blocks. For my version, I've mainly used Anna Maria Horner fabric - leftover scraps of her different prints, from the last few years & last few fabric collections, I kinda feel her fabrics have some of that timeless appeal too! {teal social climber is a classic example here!}
12 1/2" blocks, set 4 x 5.
Similar width strips added to each side of the 4 1/2" corner squares.
I tried to use a wide strip for the final strips each time to allow for squaring up, but this didn't always work out! And I discovered that I needed to control the scrappiness by alternating the warm /cool colours {see last post for more about that!}
To extend the quilt size I did wonder about adding borders, but am still v.undecided. What do you think... borders or no borders?


  1. love it...all my favorite fabrics! :) Are you keeping this one !

  2. I really like it without borders, but I'm often surprised how much I like borders once they're on!

  3. Sometimes a border just frames it all, and lets the fabrics be the stars. I guess try laying it on a solid or two and see what you think. Lots of delicious scraps in this:)

  4. One reason for adding borders is that you need to increase the size, so there's that. I do like to frame out a pretty collection of prints, too. Your's definitely makes the grade!

  5. Nice work! I'd rather add blocks instead of a border. But if border it must be, maybe a solid tourqoise one? Anyway, can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

  6. I made one similar last year. I finished it with a neutral border, inset with a ribbon of pieced scraps of the same fabric. It gave me the size I wanted, but toned down some of my wilder fabric choices.


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