Thursday, 26 February 2015

figure-it-out-as-you-go method

I'm making a liberated log cabin quilt at present, and actually, the 12 log cabin blocks came together quite quickly. The fun started when I came to put it all together. While I was sewing the blocks, I had in my mind that I would use the same fabric for the sashings and the borders, but I didn't have enough fabric! So then I looked at maybe not having top & bottom borders, but I didn't like that effect at all when I laid it out.

Although it was improv fabric play & quite random, I did want to finish this, and feel ok about the end result too of course. I was aiming for some sense of balance and, I figured I'd just know when to stop. But in truth, I was beginning to feel a bit out of my comfort zone here!
So, I went back to my inspirational source... Gwen Marston's 'Liberated Quiltmaking II' and 'Collarobrate Again' by Gwen & Freddy Moran. Both these books are full of ideas, there's certainly more than one way of doing most things, thank goodness!

In the end I opted for three borders - thanx to Julie here I remembered this great way of keeping that beige-y colour going. But that wasn't the end of it! The fabric I chose for two of the borders was a light check, which I thought I had enough of, but it was touch & go there for a moment, and I had to make a few joins. And then lining up the checks & lines was tricky too! Oh well I guess, in the words of Mike Hoskins {Seven Sharp} 'the magic takes time' ... and ain't that the truth! Oh and I do have enough red for the binding, I've just checked!

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  1. your quilt looks great. love the red and beige.I'll have to see if our library has those books.
    Colleen @

  2. I ALWAYS figure things out as I go - guess I like to keep things challenging. Log cabin blocks are so fun, aren't they?

  3. I often seem to end up making it up as I go, as well... little changes or fabric runouts always make me have to think! I love the tones in this quilt!

  4. You did some good figuring. It looks good.

  5. This is so lovely!!! And the red binding will be perfect! Sometimes making do is better than just buying more. :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, one of the things I love about patchwork is being able to use up my fabric stash here at home. I also do enjoy all those little ‘challenges’ along the way {like making things fit, maybe changing your mind about direction, or having to substitute fabric} it’s all part of the process! And, you end up with something unique! Thanx for popping by, Linda

  6. Sometimes problems push us to our best work :-) this looks great.

  7. Looks absolutely fabulous, amazing. Well done . sue

  8. Looks absolutely fabulous, amazing. Well done . sue


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