Sunday, 15 February 2015

a quilty slice of my weekend

I made a few more modern moda blocks at intervals over the weekend. I'm sticking vaguely to the pattern's colour scheme, but adding in a few florals as well as I don't want that totally all-solid look of the original. I just love AMH's vintage-y looking florals, the colours seem bright but blend ok so far. I must admit too, the larger blocks do look a bit out of proportion to me, but I guess it'll all work out in the end! You can lots of other progress in our Monday Modern flicka pool here

 .. a little yellow goes a long way! 

And in the cool of the evening I shifted from the bold brights of those blocks to something a bit calmer. I layered up my strippy neutral quilt, it's all pinned up & ready for some DIY quilting now. I selected a few larger pieces from my stash for the backing that were similar colours & pieced them together, I do love a randomly pieced back, do you? And then I basted some larger sections of leftover batting together too. I like to hand baste my batting, always have, but as I crawled around the floor I did remember a post I saw sometime ago, someone - sorry can't remember who now - had spent a very productive sewing session machine zigzag stitching long pieces of batting together, all ready for the next few quilts! {note to self ... I must do that too, soon!}

Hope you have all had a great weekend ... 
... and a small slice of sewing time too! 


  1. I'm loving that neutrals quilt! It's just the kind of project I need to work on next. Not too difficult but pretty and just enough room to play around a bit. I get very tired of making the same block over and over, but this one seems to have some wiggle room.

    The florals in your first quilt are a perfect complement to the solids. I like the solids of modern quilts but have so many prints, especially florals, that I slip them in. Your yellow block is gorgeous.

    1. Hi Mary, Yes, the neutrals quilt is a pleasure to work on! I guess using up my scraps helps- I feel I’m making something from all my odds & ends, it’s satisfying, and it’s about revisiting favourite fabrics from past projects!
      And thank you.. I’m not 100% sure about the moda ‘modern’ quilt yet, but the blocks are kinda addictive to sew! And, like you, I couldn't help popping in a few prints! Cheers, Linda

  2. My knees feel for you already, that will be mine next weekend. Loving the look of those building blocks too. I zigzag pieces of batting together, so quick and easy.
    Have a great week.

  3. What lovely projects Linda. I didn't get any time for sewing this weekend :-(

  4. I haven't got any of that fabric yet, but I am thinking to get some. The top block is really cute!


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