Monday, 23 May 2022

decisions decisions

Hello hello. If you pop by often, you will already know that I tend to just jump right in with the quilts that I start, A. Lot. Of. The. Time, and this time is no different!

A few weeks ago I started out with a fabric pull, one that I've been slowly adding to as it sat here on my table. I decided that my main colours would be pink, brown and dark blue. So that quickly sorted out my cohesive "planned part".  

But as to the direction part? I had in mind to make a 'granny square' quilt, similar to those crocheted granny square blankets, {wink wink} everything old is new again! 
However, once I started googling I found ideas... too many ideas actually... turns out there's quite a few ways I could approach this! Square or on point? Using individual squares or adopting the strip piecing method? With sashing or without?  Can you relate?

Inspired by Jaynes 'Great Granny' quilt {that I spotted here at Jaynes Quilting Room} I jumped right in over the weekend and started to play with these fabrics.
First up, a 'Granny Square' block {free tutorial over at blueelephantstitches} and then I made up a 'Sassy Granny' block with scrappy background, pattern from 'Anthology' QAL I did a couple of years ago. 
I am very happy with how these fabrics combine together, but truth be told, I wasn’t loving either of these trial blocks once I'd made them up.

Then I got sidetracked slightly, and wondered about using these same fabrics in another scrappy trip quilt instead? After all, all three of my previous TATW quilts have now been gifted. Maybe I need to make one every year or so, it is such an enjoyable quilt to make.

My design wall is full of trial blocks, and strips, and squares oh my!

Still very undecided which way to go. 
But I'll be super happy if I can salvage this idea with a few thoughtful changes, so I'll persevere.
'Cos I really do want to make a granny quilt now - of some kind! 


Julierose said...

I love the TAW quilts you you use the strip method or sq by sq?
A lovely grouping of fabrics you've pulled. Have fun deciding...hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love it - I know for the RSC quilts that I do I just get the bins of fabric out and start to pull - yes pile - no pile

Jayne Honnold said...

Coincidental that I should find this post at this time. Just a few weeks back - maybe a month - I began a TATW and at the same time began a Great Granny quilt! I love that the two just seem to naturally go together! I can now boast that both are finished flimsies! Go-go-go on yours!

Kaja said...

As usual, your fabric pull is beautiful. It is interesting to see all your options and I have made a guess as to which way you will go with the project. Now I look forward to seeing what decision you make.

audrey said...

Oh! This looks like a fun one! Decisions, decisions. Doesn't look like you can go wrong at all.:)

Mystic Quilter said...

Looks like you're having a great time Linda. I'll be waiting to see which way you go, love seeing your design wall with the ideas using the same fabrics.

pandchintz said...

Looking good Linda! I have one of those started …….somewhere!!

FlourishingPalms said...

I like the way you're trying different concepts, and I'm sure you can bring them all together. Taking these, putting them on point, and adding sashing will make a lovely, larger quilt... if you're looking for larger. I always am, as I find it's easier to give away BIG quilts. The smaller ones, not so much. In any case, have a good play, as it looks like you are!

Suz J said...

All the block varieties look terrific so whichever direction you end up taking I'm sure will look fantastic 😍