Sunday, 17 September 2023

scrappy star stitchalong: update

Whenever I have a spare moment, I'm back making these sweet 6" blocks for the scrappy star stitchalong hosted by Taryn at reproquiltlover over on ig. 

Like many, while I've been making my little blocks for this antique crib quilt, I've been wondering what the quiltmaker was thinking. She certainly made some interesting choices and I’m so interested in why.
How much was intentional? how much was random? how much was accidental? how much was pure necessity? 

Every quilt tells a story, and we will never know the details now. Her colours seem carefully chosen, from a restricted palette and with a good eye for their overall effect, but when I take a closer look, the different elements are quirky & random and I'm asking myself "what was going on there?" Fascinating.

Onto this weekend's progress ... block 7.

Over an hour to search, make a decision, and cut fabrics✂️ 
10 minutes to sew😂
So, while I was at it, I made two! 

11 different fabrics in each one✅ 
- couldn't bring myself to tip that top hourglass the wrong way though!

And I couldn't stop at just the two, these are too much fun ...

Happy sewing


Nancy said...

Your blocks are vibrant, Linda! Such fun.

Mystic Quilter said...

Nice going Linda!

Robin said...

It does make me wish we could ask the original maker some questions.

Kaja said...

Lovely blocks, and I agree that it is fascinating to wonder about the thought processes of the original maker.